7 Reasons Why SEO Competition Is Hurting Your Business

by Demi

SEO is the best thing that has ever happened to large and small businesses in the past two decades.

When adopting SEO best practices, it offers an easy way for you to get found by prospective buyers and is regarded as the best for ROI, of all online marketing entities.

SEO competition comes with a plethora of terms like SEO competition score, SEO competition analysis, SEO optimization cost and more that puts every content marketing manager and independent entrepreneur at an alert.

But have you cared to ask if SEO Competition Is Hurting Your Business?

Everyone needs SEO but there are situations when your businesses might just be an exception.


1. Your Website Doesn’t Respond To SEO Strategies

Every business that wants to take advantage of SEO must have a well-defined strategy that works. These strategies are usually put in place to help you easily define your needs, get proper implementation, and drive traffic. If you operate a Non-SEO friendly website that does not allow Google to crawl and index your pages, then you are losing out on SEO points. If your business does not depend on leads gotten from your website or online presence, then SEO might become a luxury. You can focus on other sales and marketing strategies that can help your business grow better.


2. SEO optimization cost

Good SEO is work; it doesn’t come cheap. Most people who do it by themselves either mess up completely, get tired, missed vital points, or couldn’t just keep up with the changing rules and algorithms. If you want to do SEO for real then you need to hire SEO professionals who have many years of experience and can give you guarantees of success. If SEO optimization cost is unbearable for you, then SEO is not for you. To succeed in SEO you need to be consistent, work with the right people, and be ready to face the real facts about how the system can help you deliver the best results and drive traffic to your business.


3. SEO doesn’t work?

Believe it or not, you’re alone. There are many people out there, including highly successful business individuals, who don’t believe in SEO. Proponents of this belief have their way of driving traffic. They will argue that through advertising and promotions, brand visibility can be atta. It makes better sense not to invest in something you don’t believe in because it might never work for you, just for that reason alone. However, just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t change the fact that it remains the very best way for people to drive traffic to their sales pages and record better success. So, does SEO work? It definitely does. SEO offers small businesses a huge opportunity to compete in the marketplace even when they don’t have the kind of money that big corporation are ready to churn.


4. Low Keyword Volume

The process of achieving the first page on Google ranking includes the use of relevant keywords. Low keyword volume is a problem that plagues newbies and experts alike. If most relevant keyword for your business has very low or minimal volume, then you shouldn’t do SEO. The reason for this is because you will not be able to reach the critical mass that will bring ROI and profitability.


5. You Have No Problem With Your Competition Getting Better

There is no business in this world without someone very close by competing with you for the same audience, acclaim, and relevance you occupy or aspire to occupy. In fact, in most cases, your ability to succeed in your business will be determined by how much you know about your competition and the things they are doing to convert leads.

And you definitely don’t want to engage in a product comparison campaign that may end up smearing your brand.

SEO competition analysis and SEO competition score are terms used when competing on the SEO super bowl final. Most certainly your competition will be using different kinds of SEO strategies to try and scoop a larger part of the market share. If you don’t care about that and you want them to take all your potential customers away then you don’t need to do SEO for any reason.


6. You’re Serving A Local Market and ignoring Local SEO

Standard SEO is expensive and can take some time for the benefits to manifest. If you serve a local market such as owning a restaurant, pharmacy, etc., then you don’t need to go all out and waste money. Local SEO is also a thing to consider. Your best bet will be to start a local SEO campaign that is cheaper and will help you to better target people who are living close to your business. Different types of strategies are employed to help make sure that your local SEO works perfectly for the kind of intentions you have for your business.


7. Care Less About New Customers

Every day millions of people reach a stage where they decide they want to purchase a new product. Whatever business you do, there is always an opportunity for you to get new customers and rake higher profits. SEO is one of those things that can help you achieve this kind of success within a very short period. If you believe you have reached an optimal level in generating new leads, maybe through a successful email marketing campaign and your business can survive with your current customer base, then yes, SEO might sound like an overkill.



SEO is not every entrepreneur’s cup of tea. I am a digital marketer who has seen SEO rescue bzusinesses from the pits of debt and bankruptcy.

And yes, SEO campaigns have done harm than good to a couple of companies.

I have seen a lot of people throw the word “SEO” around without weighing the Cost-Benefit analysis.

Don’t get caught up in the hype.

SEO Competition could be Hurting Your Business more than you can imagine (financially, most times).

It is important to outline your expectations from an SEO campaign, the chances of meeting those expectation amongst other factors and determine if it’s the next line of action for your business.


P.S: Are you looking to explore alternative methods of gaining leads, brand visibility, and loyal customers asides the traditional SEO method?

Facebook ads is a wonderful way to get started. You can use this resource as a starting point for your Facebook ad campaign.




Written by Demi Oye.

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