A broiler farming Guide for Beginners(poultry)

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Looking for a broiler farming guide plus a business plan to go with alongside. Read this article as a poultry enthusiast or an agro-preneur looking to know more.

Housing, management, and sheds for broiler farming: It is crucial to give birds cozy, growth-specific housing or a shed area in order to maximize chick growth and body weight gain in broiler farming.

For better housing and management of broilers, one should take into account the following variables or criteria. Design of the home or shed and site selection are important considerations.


Choosing a location for broiler farming:

  • It need to have enough land.
  • Electricity and a good water supply should be present.
  • To avoid water logging during the rainy season, higher ground should Ideally be taken into consideration.
  • It is better to have transportation options and road connectivity.
  • Should be removed from populated areas and building developments.
  • Market access is necessary for buying any agricultural inputs and selling farm products.

Design of Housing and Sheds for Broiler Farming:

  • Housing should have good airflow and ventilation.
  • Space requirements for deep litter systems are 1 square foot per bird.
  • Should take into account East-West as the shed’s lengthwise direction.

Housing or Shed System: Try to build housing at a reasonable cost so that money saved can be used to buy feed or other farm inputs or to buy birds. Make use of locally accessible materials, such as mud, bamboo, thatch roofs (chitra), etc., to construct a low-cost home structure. The key to raising broilers to the appropriate level of meat production is management. The crucial variables for the broiler management system are listed below.

Management of poultry feed: As feed is a crucial component of poultry farming and the largest cost of poultry production, it has a significant impact on the productivity of the birds. Therefore, the main factor to be taken into account for effective commercial poultry farming is the feed and feeding management. Poor production performance is the result of improper nutrition, which also results in a number of deficiency diseases.

Additionally, ensure that the feed contains all the necessary elements (carbohydrates, lipids, protein, minerals, and vitamins) in the proper ratios for the birds’ optimal growth. To aid in digestion and growth, several additives are needed in addition to the basic nutrients. They are typically provided in reputable commercial feed.

Types of Poultry Feed:-

Age of chicksFeed Type
 0  – 10 daysPre-Starter
11 – 21 daysStarter
22 days – Till marketingFinisher

Estimated Feed consumption of Broiler farming:-

Chicks age in daysFeed Weight in grams  Body Weight gain/day 
1st day  2nd day  3rd day4th day

5th day

6th day

7th day

8th day

9th day



10th day

11th day

12th day

13th day

14th day

15th day

16th day

17th day

18th day

19th day



20th day

21st day

22nd day

23rd day

24th day

25th day

26th day

20gm/bird/day 22gm/bird/day  24gm/bird/day26gm/bird/day

























45 – 55 gms 55 – 95 gms  95 – 135 gms135 – 175 gms

175 – 215 gms

215 – 255 gms

255 – 295 gms

295 – 335 gms

335 – 385 gms

385 – 425 gms

425 – 465 gms

465 – 505 gms

505 – 545 gms

545 – 585 gms

585 – 625 gms

625 – 665 gms

665 – 705 gms



705 – 745 gms

745 – 785 gms

785 – 825 gms

825 – 865 gms

865 – 905 gms

905 – 945 gms

945 – 985 gms

985 – 1,025 gms

1,025 – 1,045 gms

E.M. in Broiler feed on daily basis:-

Age of birds  E.M. Bokashi
01 – 07 days30 gm/ kg feed
08 – 14  days20 gm/ kg feed
15 days onwards…10 gm/ kg feed

E.M. Solution as additive in drinking water on daily basis:-

Age of birdE.M. Solution
01 – 14 days1 ml/ liter of water
15 days onwards0.5 ml/ liter of water

Now that you know this broiler farming guide, get a complete business plan alongside.

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