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Looking for a CV or resume sample for a new graduate Without Work Experience? This article will help you get through creating a professional-looking CV from scratch. You will want to put your best foot forward as you test the waters of the labor market?

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Your CV has the power to make or break your job application. Whatever your requirement is, whether it is to improve an existing resume or to create a new one, we can help. We will, however, provide you with a template that will assist you in making your resume stand out from the strong.

This is because only the appropriate resume format can grab recruiters’ attention almost instantly, increasing your chances of being chosen as the top candidate for the role or job.

More importantly, it will dim the light on aspects of your profession that you would probably want to keep hidden.


Types of CV Format

A professional CV/resume format can be divided into three sorts or styles, which are as follows:

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination

Note that each of these formats is a customizable template that you may use to tailor your resume to your specific needs.

Resume/CV Format Selection

It’s simple to discover and identify the type of resume format that will work best for you, as some will perform better than others based on your requirements. This means that if you have a period of unemployment owing to an inability to find work during those years, a functional resume format that emphasizes your skills would be the best option.

In a similar vein, if you have accumulated years of work experience in one form or another, a chronological or mixture resume structure is the greatest option for you.

The sort of career you choose, your work experience, and your skills can all influence the resume format you employ. You can also make many copies of your resume in various forms to provide yourself the freedom to sell your qualifications quickly.

Always keep in mind that a resume should be no more than one page long, and no more than two pages for top administrative positions.


Resume/CV Format in Chronological Order

The chronological format is the most common resume format. This format requires you to fill down your work history in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent position.

After that, you’ll add your educational credentials and expertise.

The benefit of this sort of resume is that it emphasizes your job growth in a logical manner. This implies that if you choose to pursue a single career route, the chronological style will allow you to track your progress. It is a significant need for civil service and administrative positions. Format for a Functional Resume

The functional resume format is heavily focused on the abilities and qualifications of the applicant.

Rather than writing about work experience, such a resume structure consists of many skill sets and competencies. The functional resume style is great for persons who don’t have a lot of work experience or whose former employment aren’t relevant to the present position they’re applying for.

It is preferable to use this type of resume format. You’ll need to make a list of your skills first, then write about brief situations in which you used that skill, and finally, always, Include any educational or professional certificates you have. Format for a Combination Resume

The combination resume format combines the chronological and functional resume types into one.

It exhibits an applicant’s career history in chronological order while reserving a section for the applicant’s skill set and credentials—this format displays both your talents and experience to recruiters.

It’s an excellent format to use if you want to switch careers or if you’ve worked in a variety of places but have consistent work experience.

If you’re utilizing this style to write a resume for a new graduate Without Work Experience, you’ll need to start a new part where you describe your talents and another section where you discuss your work experience, followed by your credentials.

How Do I Make A CV without Experience?

CV or resume for a new graduate Without Work Experience requires care and detail

Employers spend only approximately 10-15 seconds skimming over a résumé before putting it in the “interview” or “reject” file, according to social research.

Because many people like to include their strongest and most relevant skills for the job at the front of their resume, this is the case. The following are the steps to writing a resume:



A resume headline, also known as a resume title, is a brief sentence that summarizes why you are the ideal applicant for the job. It is often located near the top of your resume.

Many candidates make use of headlines to promote their best qualities and experience.



 A resume profile is a three- to the four-sentence statement that highlights the abilities and experiences that distinguish you as a qualified candidate.

With a Headline and a Profile

This resume style includes both the headline and the profile, giving the recruiter additional information about you, the candidate.


A Resume/CV That Includes a Summary Statement

 If you didn’t know, a summary statement on a resume focuses on a short paragraph or two. It’s a short list of some of your top qualifications for the employment role, which is interesting. A overview of qualifications is how most people refer to it.


Resume/CV with a Statement of Branding

A branding statement on a resume is a short, catchy statement (typically fifteen words or less) that highlights what you can bring to an organization.


The objective on a CV

An objective on a resume is a one- to a two-sentence explanation of yourself as a possible candidate and your career goals in a specific role.



John Doe 17,lumos Road

Kwara state, Ilorin city 08100021112


Summary of Qualifications 

An analytical and detail-oriented digital marketer that excels as a Digital Marketer with a well-established firm by combining current marketing and digital training with four years of mass communication expertise.


Communications / Client Relations:

Excellent written and vocal communication. Clients’ faith and confidence in specific items are easily instilled. English is my first language.

Key Strengths: 

  • Analytical skills that have been fine-tuned, as well as a commitment to developing topic knowledge and job competencies through ongoing training.
  • Multitasking and time management abilities are unrivaled.


Education and Credentials

The University of Ilorin, 2016 – 2020

B.A Mass Communication Professional Experience Paradox studios TT (NYSC) PR Admin

Responded to media queries deftly. Reports on PR placement are managed.

As appropriate, assist with product line PR campaigns.



It is ideal to showcase your talents in a resume for a new graduate Without Work Experience, whether they are based on your work experience or credentials. This is because it will help you understand everything that is beneficial for you. It would be ideal if you could remember to keep it short and sweet. To capture the recruiters’ attention, emphasize your most significant and important component first. When you’re finished writing, double-check your resume for spelling and punctuation mistakes. You can also have a trusted friend proofread your CV. This is done to ensure that you don’t make any blunders and that the recruiters don’t form a negative opinion of you.


Do You now know how to create a CV or resume sample for a new graduate Without Work Experience?



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