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Download this comprehensive feasibility study for Sachet Water Production in Nigeria for your loan and grant requirements for NIRSAL, CBN, BOA, BOI. A Feasibility Report on Sachet Water Production is all you need to start up your desired Sachet Water Production business,





Safe potable water is important for consumption and other domestic uses, despite its vast abundance, it is necessary to be sure the available water is safe for consumption, considering the fact that contaminated water when consumed is very harmful to humans. Various human activities have facilitated the release of pollutants to water bodies and these have rendered waters unsafe for both humans and animals.

Projected Market Share: 500 bags daily. (Note: A bag contains 20 sachets, therefore 500 x 20= 10,000 sachets daily)

Monthly Consumption = 500 bags x 20 days = 10,000 bags

Yearly consumption = 10,000 bags x 12 = 120, 000 bags

Yearly Sales = 120, 000 x N100= 12, 000, 000

The above sales projection is based on the axis around which the distribution will be prominent and the population of people around that axis and also putting the weather into consideration.


The technical feasibility will include considering the availability of input and technical factors at a reasonable price and also the best manufacturing procedure and process to be adopted


The land is very important in situating a water plant and this can be acquired by lease or purchase. The land is required so the water production plant can be erected, this includes erecting structures like offices, a warehouse, a production line, conveniences, security gate, car parks, and an engine house, listing a few among others.


The location of the factory should be chosen after considering some factors such as infrastructural facilities (electricity, road and water), good and pliable roads and links the other major cities.



Packaging Machine

Membrane filtration unit

Carbon canister

Sand canister

Ultraviolet irradiation machine

Temporary storage tanks (reservoir)

Generator (standby power supply)

Water pumps



The raw material used in sachet water production of course is water, a borehole is used as the source in this case.



In the production of sachet water, manpower is required some are specialized and skilled while the others are just needed to move things about and stationed at positions. This section is divided into skill and unskilled manpower.

a. Skilled Manpower:

The skilled manpower includes A microbiologist; he/she carries out microbiological tests on water, a biochemist; helps put the chemical parameter under control. You also employ the services of a manager, someone with knowledge about financial management.

b. Unskilled Manpower:

This includes employing the services of a driver, one that transports the packaged products from the factory’s warehouse to distributors and sales point, also personnel that can help in offloading for the trucks when they are delivered to distributors and also a cashier, cleaners and security personnel.



The production procedures outline the processes involved in the production of safe drinking sachet water, and it is as follows;

  • Water is pumped from underground into a storage tank
  • Water is channeled from the tank into the sand canister, this constitutes sand particles that act as a debris filter
  • Filtered water from the sand canister is pumped into the carbon filter which helps in the removal of odor, taste, and free radicals from the water
  • The corrosives is added which helps neutralize the acidic nature of water and reduces the water hardness
  • Then the water is passed through microfilters to remove possible microorganisms
  • Then microorganisms are further destroyed by passing the water through an ultra-violet radiation unit
  • Water having passed through all these filtration processes is valid for consumption, is then pumped directly to the packaging machine where the packaged product is ready for supply.


There are standards food products must conform to and these standards are set by NAFDAC and SON. The measures put in place to ensure that the product conforms to these standards are known as quality control. This section is very important as it can cause health issues and this has to be avoided in order to avoid lawsuits that can affect the company. NAFDAC after carrying out the test on the water with wither reject or accept the water. The Ministry of Health and Environment helps ensures that the environment under which the production process is carried out is safe.



The sum of three million, five hundred thousand nairas (N3, 500,000) is estimated to fund the project.




Project Cost

Acquisition of land – 500,000

Building – 1,000,000

Sinking of borehole – 100,000

Delivery van – 700,000

Power generator – 105,000

Carbon canister – 95,000

Sand canister – 50,000

Corrosex – 50,000

Rows of polyethylene – 12,000

Micro filters – 50,000

Ultraviolet radiation – 50,000


Now that you have an idea for Feasibility Study for Sachet Water Production in Nigeria, you can download the full version here.



How To Download The Complete Sachet Water Production Feasibility REPORT In Nigeria PDF and Doc

Above is a part of the poultry farming feasibility study in Nigeria. If you want the complete poultry farming feasibility study, follow the procedures to download it.

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