Farm Machinery Types, Functions, and Values

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Any form of machinery used on a farm to assist with farming is referred to as agricultural or farm equipment. Agricultural machinery is equipment that is used in farming or other forms of agriculture. A tractor is the most popular type of agricultural equipment. Let’s now discuss the many sorts of farm machinery and their significance.


The tractor is a piece of standard farm equipment. Farmers who farm for a living and those who farm for profit both use tractors for work. Typically, it is a wheeled vehicle with sizable wheels. In most cases, tractors are attached to other farm equipment that performs some farm labor instead of doing any farm work alone. The essential goal is to move those machines so they can carry out the functions for which they were designed. Machines that require external propulsion are tethered to a tractor. It can be used to transport trailers for use in agriculture. Machines that are unable to run on their own can be powered by tractors. Depending on the sort of machine that will be coupled to it, it is available in a variety of sizes.

A tractor is a crucial piece of agriculture equipment. Agricultural implements can be pulled behind or mounted on a tractor, and if the implement is mechanized, the tractor may operate as a source of power.


This type of farm machinery is used to spray fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and any other materials meant to be sprayed on the farm or plants, as implied by the name. It is available in a variety of forms. Agricultural aircraft-sprayer and blower-sprayer are two of the types. Using these types of equipment, pesticides or insecticides in liquid or powder form can be sprayed. To irrigate the farm, a sprayer could be used.

Field cultivator

This machine is specifically designed for cultivating farms or softening soil for planting, as its name already makes clear. Shortly after the crops have begun to germinate, it can be used to eradicate weeds, aerate, or soften the soil. Nowadays, cultivators are useful in farming. For easier water and nutrient penetration, hardened soils are rendered softer. They assist with weed removal from the plant and soil preparation before planting.

Shredders and cutters

These devices are designed for cutting and shredding weeds and undesired vegetative vegetation.

Cotton harvester

The cotton harvester is a sort of farming equipment used for harvesting, however it is specifically designed for cotton. They typically come in two varieties: pickers and strippers.

Seeders and planters

Following the cultivation of the land, seeders and planters are employed to sow seeds or plant crops. A collection of seeds or crops can be planted using this machine in a matter of hours.

Wheel tractor-scrapper

It is intended for weeding and earthmoving tasks in crop rows that are 1.5 widths and wider. With this tool, weeds up to this depth are eliminated. The scraper’s sharp blade tears up the removed weeds, which are then deeply buried in the soil. Weeds that have been buried will adhere to the soil’s green manure as it decomposes.


It is specifically designed for tilling the soil prior to seeding or planting crops in order to make the ground softer and allow the roots of the planted crops to enter the soil in search of nutrients.

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