Feasibility Study for Haulage business

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Looking for a professional feasibility study for haulage business for your loans, grants, and research purposes.

In Nigeria, goods delivery service is one of the most in-demand services, and getting a sample or complete business plan for goods delivery business plan is one of the best things to do.

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Feasibility Study for Haulage

1.0. Overview of the Industry

The Freight Packaging and Logistics Services industry is responsible for providing packaging and crating services for the transportation of products. Companies in the business provide a combined service of freight consignments, trade document creation, packing, crating, and other activities involved in preparing products for transit, as well as logistics consultancy services.

Growth in this business is directly linked to growth in some sectors and other variables, such as expansion in the manufacturing sector, consumption, foreign commerce, and an increase in technological dependency. Nonetheless, technology may appear to be a danger since it has the potential to eliminate some employment in the business.

In most nations throughout the world, the freight packing and logistics services business is booming. It is an important sector of the Nigerian economy, with over 5,000 registered logistics service firms in the country earning well over billion dollars yearly. The rise of the business is shown by the fact that it is one of the industries that provides the bulk of the jobs in the country, employing around 31,785 people. Packing and crating include placing freight in various containers that protect the things to be sent, such as crates, pallets, and plastic wraps. Several businesses also provide specialized services, such as packing unique items such as industrial equipment, artwork, and weapon systems, since this separates them from one another and provides the buyer with the luxury of choice depending on what good has to be sent. Most organizations in the sector may also provide freight consolidation, which means combining several frequent, small shipments intended for a similar geographical location into a single large cargo to lower per-unit shipping rates and other extraneous charges.

Starting and managing a freight packaging and logistics services firm is always capital demanding and appears to be a herculean undertaking since it is difficult, but the fact is that the benefits in terms of profit statistics are astronomical. Despite this, the sector is available to both big-time investors with the cash to launch the firm with a large number of employees from a large office facility and aspiring entrepreneurs with a shared office space and a few staff.

2.0. Executive Summary for Haulage Business

MoveAndHaul Freight Packaging & Logistics, Co will be situated in Apapa, Lagos, and will be a registered and licensed Freight Packaging & Logistics Services Company. We are in the business of providing freighting and cargo moving services such as packing, crating, and wrapping items for shipment, freight consolidation, producing trade documents, storing goods before to and after freight, physical distribution consultancy, and logistics consulting. MoveAndHaul Freight Packaging & Logistics. Co has obtained critical licenses and licences to operate throughout the nation and in other countries where products are likely to be imported, including China, the United States, and India, among others. We shall follow the laws, regulations, and policies established by the government to guide the freight packaging business. Because our services are customer-centric, our clients and future customers may be certain that they will receive nothing but quality services at reasonable and economical pricing. We will always demonstrate this by going above and beyond to ensure the safety of items in our care, and our clients will always get good value for their money. Our objective at MoveAndHaul Freight Packaging & Logistics, LLC is to give outstanding service to our clients, and we take pleasure in our company’s and our workers’ honesty and competency.

Packing products, crating goods, wrapping goods, freight consolidation, trade document preparation, storing items before to and after freight, physical distribution consulting, logistics consulting, packing services for motor carriers, and storage services are among our service offerings.

3.0. Our Mission and Vision Statement 

Our Goals

As far as the majority of Nigeria is concerned, to become one of the go-to options of individuals and companies when freight packaging and logistics services are required.

Our Purpose

To guarantee that we develop a successful freight packaging and logistics firm in Nigeria; a company that will grow to be one of the country’s five-star rated freight packing and logistics services providers.

4.0. Our Organizational Structure

The corporate structure is designed to handle various types of employment, from full-time to part-time employees. Few people will be required to get the firm up and running at first; these full-time employees will be in charge of paperwork, professional materials handlers, IT and infrastructure personnel, mostly the back-office staff; sales and marketing personnel will be handled by freelancers.

It is our responsibility to recruit diligent, innovative, and competent individuals who are willing to handle resources allocated to them in order to contribute to the development and upkeep of our firm into a lucrative one that benefits all stakeholders (the owners, workers and the customers).

For the time being, we will have the maintenance of our vehicles handled by the suppliers of that service; we do not aim to have a huge overhead from the start. But, when the company expands and stabilizes, we will put together our own in-house maintenance staff. The following is the company’s business structure and the positions that will be offered;

  • Chief Executive Officer (Owner)
    Administrator and Human Resources Manager
    Manager of Freight Packing and Logistics Marketing and Sales Executive (Business Developer)
    Material Handlers/Yard Spotters/Forklifts Accountants
    Customer Service Representative/Front Desk Officer

5.0. SWOT Analysis

Based on our goal, objective, and the type of business we want to establish, we have no choice but to follow a predetermined procedure, which includes engaging a business consultant to assist us in conducting a SWOT analysis for our company. We hired a professional business consultant to assist us in conducting a SWOT analysis and developing other business methods to help us establish our firm and become fully fledged to compete in the freight packaging and logistics services market. As a corporation, we are excited about utilizing our strengths and prospects, as well as overcoming our shortcomings and eliminating any dangers.

Our strengths include competent management, a powerful network that services some of the country’s greatest population centers, size advantages, cost benefits, customer loyalty, and a solid reputation among domestic and industry players. Essentially, our company is strategically placed in Apapa’s heavily populated industrial and residential area; in fact, our location is one of our primary strengths. Another important factor for us is the strength of our team, which includes our personnel and management. We have a team of professional and devoted employees that are recognized specialists in the freight packaging and logistics services business.

Weaknesses: Our weaknesses might be a lack of financing, a cost structure, or a lack of scale in comparison to our contemporaries who have already established themselves in the sector. Being a fledgling business owned by an individual (family), we may not have the financial muscle to sustain the kind of visibility we desire for our company. Being a young company, we understand that building trust with our customers will take time.

Opportunities: As a freight packaging and logistics services firm in the United States, we have prospects in the internet market, new services, new technology, and, of course, the opening of new markets.

Threats: We are expected to encounter mature markets, a weak economy (economic downturn) that will impair consumer spending, fierce competition, and variable operating expenses. Unfavorable government regulations, seasonal fluctuations, and, of course, the arrival of new rivals in the same place where ours is located are all potential dangers.

6.0. Our Target Audience

Our target audiences are essentially anyone (including businesses and individuals) who has to transport records, commodities, or materials from one area to another. In other words, our target market is Nigeria as a whole, and the persons and organizations listed below are potential prospects.

  • Retailers and Warehouse Owners
  • Retailers that wish to relocate their merchandise from one area to another
  • Manufacturers (Chemical manufacturers and Textiles manufactures) (Chemical manufacturers and Textiles manufactures)
  • Households wishing to relocate from one apartment to another
  • Business organizations that seek to relocate from one location to another
  • Government entities that need to transfer commodities and equipment from one location to another
  • Churches and religious groups that need to transport instruments and equipment from one site to another Non-profit and charitable organizations that need to carry products and resources from one area to another.

7.0. Our Competitive Advantage

The freight packaging and logistics firm is distinguished by strong rivalry because the sector does not necessitate ability or prowess; anybody with finances and a certain level of business skills may simply start the business.

Although the freight packaging and logistics services market involves some type of training and some level of experience, this does not preclude any motivated entrepreneur from starting the firm and making stratospheric profits. MoveAndHaul Freight Packaging & Logistics, Co.’s business model, the convenience of payment, wide choice of services, and exceptional customer service culture will undoubtedly provide us a competitive advantage. We also have a staff that will go the extra mile to provide our clients the most value for their money; a team that is trained and equipped to pay attention to details and deliver goods and consignments securely and on time on a local, national, and worldwide scale. Finally, our personnel will be properly taken care of, and their benefits package will be among the finest in our sector category (startups freight packaging and logistics services firms), implying that they will be eager to help us expand the business and achieve all of our aims and objectives.

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