Download Garlic Farming Business Plan Nigeria

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Looking for a comprehensive garlic farming business plan for your personal use or to seek grants, and loans from investors, CBN, NIRSAL, and other institutions?

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Download Garlic Farming Business Plan Nigeria

There are many aspects of a successful garlic farming business plan in Nigeria. These components include Market supply, Cost of production, Value chain, and the impact of wholesalers. By carefully evaluating these elements, you will be able to formulate a business plan that will help you grow garlic in Nigeria.

Market supply

Several countries in the world have large markets for fresh garlic. The United States is the largest buyer, followed by Germany, France, and Australia. Garlic is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the production of enteric-coated supplements. Agricultural enterprises in Nigeria are likely to experience a good level of market demand for garlic. The price of garlic for export ranges from N170,000 to N210,000 per metric tonne.

In the last few years, the Nigerian garlic market has exhibited a significant increase. In 2021, the country exported X tons of garlic. This represents an increase of X% over the previous year. In the years to come, the garlic market will continue to expand. In the meantime, there are several strategies to help farmers profitably sell their garlic.

Farmers can increase their income by diversifying their crops. Some regions are particularly suitable for growing garlic. In supermarkets, locally-grown garlic sells for about Sh250. By comparison, imported garlic from China sells for only Sh200. As such, local supermarkets prefer to buy imported garlic.

Market supply for garlic farming in Nigeria depends on the availability of garlic seed bulbs. Farmers need to replace their garlic seed bulbs with improved varieties at regular intervals. In addition, farmers must be provided with technical advice on how to properly harvest garlic.

Cost of production

Garlic is a popular crop with several benefits. In addition to its culinary benefits, the plant is also useful in the production of insecticides. It is a perennial plant that grows well in tropical climates. In Nigeria, garlic is a popular crop that can be easily sold in markets.

In Nigeria, garlic is widely grown in Kano, Kaduna, and Sokoto. It can be farmed in these areas with the use of modern machinery. This can help increase the yield. Despite this, it may still be affected by adverse weather conditions. This is a good investment opportunity for agricultural investors.

A typical acre of garlic can yield up to six tons of garlic per year. The price per kilogram is around Sh150. It takes about four months for the garlic to mature, making it an affordable business opportunity. A single acre of garlic can yield up to six tons, or Sh1 million, according to Stanley Gichuki, the proprietor of the Saumu Empire.

Growing garlic in Nigeria is a lucrative business. There is an extensive supply chain network in the country. This is a plus when you’re trying to get a loan or investment.

Value chain

Value chain of garlic farming business plan Nigeria should identify the different actors and functions involved in the production and marketing of garlic. It should also identify the constraints and opportunities present in the value chain. The value chain should be designed in a way that maximizes profits and minimizes risks. The study will include the marketing system, value addition in different steps of the marketing process, and the incomes of the actors.

Among the challenges in this field are inadequate research and inadequate information. While some researchers have studied the value chain of cereals and grains, few have looked at the value chain of garlic. Moreover, previous research has not identified the number of actors and the types of actors involved. Moreover, it has not addressed the link between producers and consumers, and potential opportunities.

In the value chain of garlic farming, the farmer will sell his product to distributors, traders, and retailers. Wholesalers will buy most of the garlic from traders, and then sell it to retailers. These wholesalers are responsible for bringing the garlic to the consumer’s table.

Moreover, farmers have identified storage as a major challenge. Therefore, it is important to develop low-cost storage technology and disseminate it among farmers. Farmers should also have access to loan facilities.

Impact of wholesalers

Wholesalers are a crucial component of garlic farming in Nigeria. Without them, the value of the crop will suffer and the entire business plan could be ruined. However, if you can find a reliable wholesaler, you can increase the profit margins substantially.

One of the biggest challenges in growing garlic is poor light levels and short growing seasons. To overcome these challenges, farmers can use greenhouses. In addition, increasing consumer demand for fresh produce is a major driving force in the agricultural industry. This trend has led to a boom in organic farming and labor efficiency. As a garlic farmer, you want your products to reach the biggest number of people possible.

To ensure a profit margin, you need to understand the pricing dynamics of wholesalers. In Nigeria, garlic prices are high, which means that you’ll be competing with wholesalers for the same market. To increase your profit margin, you must learn about the prices of different varieties. This will allow you to choose the right varieties and plant them in the best locations.

The price of a large bulb is important to a retailer. Large garlic bulbs sell for a premium. In addition, you should remove the scape when it appears on the bulb, as it competes with it for nutrients and reduces the bulb’s quality. Moreover, you should dispose of the scapes off-site because they are sources of disease inoculum.


A garlic farming business in Nigeria can be very lucrative. Garlic, part of the Allium family, has a wide array of uses and health benefits. Its antioxidant properties help keep the blood flowing properly and the immune system functioning. Its use as a medicinal food dates back to ancient times.

You can make a great deal of money by exporting your garlic to major markets abroad. Many countries in Europe, the USA, and Indonesia are huge consumers of garlic. You just need to get registered with the appropriate exporting agencies in Nigeria and meet their standard requirements. Once you have done this, you can earn millions from your local business and make incredible profits from exporting.

While farming garlic, you will need to find the right market. Then, you must determine how many consumers you can serve with your product. This will enable you to determine how much you can profit from the production and marketing of garlic. Ideally, you should target as many consumers as possible, so that you can sell to as many people as possible.

In addition to assessing the garlic market, you should also consider how much of it you can sell locally. Garlic is used with many different kinds of food items around the world. By conducting a Garlic value chain study, you will discover the markets and opportunities in your locality. The study will also help you create links between potential producers and consumers in your area. Farmers in the area produce a large quantity of Garlic, but many of them do not think there is a market for it.


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