How to Find a Good Copywriter in Nigeria

by Demi

If you need compelling product descriptions, attention-grabbing headlines, engaging email campaigns, and more for your company, then this “how to find a good copywriter in Nigeria” article is for you.

We have thousands of fantastic content writers out there but content writing is different from copywriting and that’s the first thing you should look understand moving forward.

Copywriting requires a different approach, years of marketing experience and a deeper understanding of consumer behavioral psychology.

There is no need to hurry, take your time to scour through your options and apply the right steps in hiring a good copywriter in Nigeria that is perfect for your brand.

Without further ado, let us take a look at “how to find a good copywriter in Nigeria?”

How to Find a Good Copywriter in Nigeria



a. The Copywriter must be familiar with your industry

Similar to other fields, there are specialist copywriters with a deep knowledge of certain fields. There are also some general copywriters who do fairly well in several fields, however, some fields require a specialist copywriter or specialist copywriting agency in Nigeria.  If your company makes software programs for auto repair shops for diagnosing electronic problems in engines, you should look for a copywriter who understands the ‘auto-repair’ language and use words that will appeal to auto repair shop owners. You may not experience the same level of success when you hire a copywriter that writes copy for a crocheting and knitting audience.


b. The copywriter can seamlessly adapt to your voice.

 There is a “voice” in all sales pieces, and it can be urgent, professional, caring, informative – and it mostly sounds like it’s coming from a particular individual. It’s important to hire a copywriter that has the ability to portray the right voice for a product or service. If you don’t know what your brand voice should sound like, you can gain inspiration from your competitors. If you have a competitor that you would like to mirror his/her brand voice, show the copywriter the company’s marketing collaterals and ask him/her to study the copy. The next step will be to create new pieces that portray the same voice but in your own unique words and twist. A straight copy and paste is just tacky and should never be adopted.


c. They listen attentively and ask the right questions

You definitely do not want a copywriter that has a “know all” attitude. A copywriter that’s rigid and possesses a “know all” attitude is difficult to work with.  A great copywriter is required to adapt to your requirements. You are the boss, always remember that. You are the one who understands your prospects and your products, the copywriter is only here to assist you with creating copy that resonates with your audience. Your copywriter should be able to ask questions that are critical to the success of the project. If the copywriter is not asking any questions and is in a hurry to collect your money, then you know you are about to on-board a fraud.


d. Meeting of Deadlines

Time is everything. Your business thrives on both quality services and timely delivery, why should you hire somebody that doesn’t share the same values with you? One thing you won’t want is a copywriter that doesn’t ever meet deadlines, the one you can’t rely upon. Similar to any other expert, a copywriter is required to have an understanding of time management and submit deliverables on or before the deadline.


e. A Track Record of Success:

I am not going to bore you with all the CTA, CTR AND ROI talks but you need a copywriter that delivers on his words. You can ask the copywriter to send you samples of “before and after” increases in click-through rates, Facebook ad conversion metrics in terms of page visits and sales. You can also ask for samples of pages or marketing collateral that the copywriter has created. It’s important you know what to expect from the “get-go” and ensure your copywriter understands that this is not just another gig to get him/her through the week.


How to Find a Good Copywriter in Nigeria



Copywriting is not research writing that requires a thorough knowledge of APA, MLA formats. Copywriting is an art form that requires a certain level of clever wordplay and consumer psychology. Some copywriters are better with direct response emails, while some are excellent in whipping up opt-in/sales page copies/ Now that you know what you should look out for in a copywriter, the next thing you need to do is to hire a competent copywriter that can help you improve the brand message of your company.

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