How to Find a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

by Demi

I see a lot of posts from entrepreneurs centring around “how to find a social media manager in Nigeria.”

Whether you are a small business owner, or you work in a large organization, you should be well aware of the importance of being active on social media. For several business owners, creating and making use of an effective social media strategy is time-consuming and challenging.

That is where the need for a social media manager arises. A social media manager can help grow your customer base and promote your services. They can assist your business by doing optimization for their online presence. In this post, I will tell you everything you should know about the responsibilities of a social media manager, and how you can find one.

Duties of a social media manager

Literally, the title says it all; social media manager simply means managing a social media account. But there is actually more to it than just to schedule some posts and tweets weekly. Let us go a little deeper into the roles of a social media manager.

  • Convert social media or website visitors into clients or customers
  • Design visual contents such as images
  • Do customer service by directly communicating with clients through social media
  • Set targets for the growth of company reputation, sales, and inbound traffic
  • Make all social media contents optimized for search engines
  • Know and appeal to the target audience of the company
  • Develop and promote the business presence online
  • Create deadlines for tasks and posts according to the needs of the business
  • Make a social media plan and schedule for posting
  • Write contents of high-quality which generates sales and inbound traffic

Those are just some of the responsibilities of a social media manager. There is a high chance that a lot of business owners are not experts when it comes to creating social media plans, optimizing for search engines, and generating inbound traffic; well, it’s okay.

How can I find a social media manager in Nigeria?

This question is one which does not have a straightforward answer. Your budget and the task required are major determinants of knowing what type of social media manager in Nigeria.  Some other determinants are the industry you work in and the needs of your business. Below are some tips to help you get fantastic social media managers in Nigeria who will assist you in achieving your targets.


  1. Determine the needs and budget of your business

Prior to you begin your search, take some minutes to have an understanding of what you require and the amount you want to spend for it.


2. Post a Social Media job advertisement on Nairaland,

Although it will be great if you can just spend a little time searching for yourself, you need to also post that you are hiring in order for potential employees to submit their applications.


3. Ask for recommendations from your colleagues

Do you love the way a social media account of a particular person is being managed? You shouldn’t be scared of asking the business or person if they make use of a social media manager. If that is the case, you can tell them to recommend the person to you. No one should underestimate the power of word of mouth even in this digital age


4. Check out hiring sites such as LinkedIn Nigeria

If you’d like to employ a part-time or full-time social media manager, the best way to do it is to surf hiring websites. Almost all social media managers have resumes and portfolios added to their profiles. You can use that to evaluate their skills and get in touch with the one that you feel is a good fit for you.


5. Check out CloudPeeps

The best bet for small businesses that do not need a salaried social media manager is to opt for a freelance social media manager. On CloudPeeps, you will find several social media managers of high expertise and skills ready to work for you based on your budget.



The emergence of social media has changed the way everyone lives. We make use of social media to play, plan, read, eat, shop, communicate, and many more. In a period where individuals are becoming very much reliant on social media and smartphones, engaging and active social media presence isn’t only good for businesses, but also imperative.

But it’s not really possible to run your business, and every social media account of yours simultaneously, and that is the reason you need to hire a social media manager. Your social media manager can have conversations with your clients, craft engaging social media and blog posts, plan and implement social media strategies, and many more. This will assist you in taking a number of those tasks away from your to-do list.


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