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After reading this post, you won’t encounter any issue if you want to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria with the local currency – Naira.

Check this resource if you are looking for someone to help manage your ads.

Facebook has always been a good medium to reach and target specific demographics for business owners in Nigeria looking to reach and maintain customers.

Prior to this time, the only means of exchange for getting a Facebook ad was with the United States dollar. This wasn’t a good option for most individuals. Some recorded debts due to fluctuations exchange rates declined debit cards or monthly international spend limit.

To avoid this quagmire, some businesses sought for the acquisition for dollar debit cards or paid advertising agencies to run campaigns on their behalf. But then, the story changed for Nigerians in the year 2017, in the month of March, when Facebook integrated with PayU to allow payments from Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

This integration was really helpful and came in as a saving grace for a lot of Nigerian online businesses, erasing the worry about running ads that you won’t be able to fund for due to declined debit card or a spike or plunge in our ebbing exchange rate. Although Payu is amazing, there is a setback, payments options for verve card aren’t available yet but hopefully, will be accepted in the nearest future.


Before PayU for Facebook Ads Existed

Before this time, Nigerians who needed Facebook advertising solutions for their businesses could only use the dollar Facebook ad account to run ads. Despite its usefulness, running ads was an arduous task for many as there were cases of spending that was non-budgeted due to unmeasured ad spend rates. Some Nigerians often ended up being indebted to the social media platform because their cards got rejected. I created this post to help business owners who want to run Facebook ads in Nigeria but need a Facebook Ad account that accepts naira as a means of exchange.

If you are still running your Facebook Ad account and are USD, you might want to reconsider and switch over to a Nigerian account. It is better to be charged in Naira, at least you will be able to track your spend rate properly and not bother about being charged at dollar rates.


Disadvantages of Using a Dollar Dominated Facebook Ad Account

  • Most Naira debit cards are limited by their issuers.
  • The Dollar to Naira exchange rate is quite high and this can cause contingency expenses
  • Miscalculation of spending during the ad campaigns due to the rate fluctuation.
  • Running adverts and discovering you cannot pay with your debit card causing you to incur debts you didn’t even see coming.

Having listed the above cons of using a Dollar Facebook ad management account, I will go further to guide you on how to create and pay for campaigns when using Facebook ads in Nigeria.


Before you continue, note that; you must fund your Naira Facebook Ad account before creating and running ads. It is actually better because you will not have to owe Facebook. This is unlike the usual advertising accounts where you could spend above your life savings without even knowing it.


How to Create a Facebook Ad Account in Nigeria and Pay in Naira

Log on to on your browser and click on the drop-down menu that displays your pages and other information.

Locate and click on “Create Ads”. Facebook will create an ad account for you, it’s an automated process.

Navigate to and click the Settings icon on your top screen. You will be redirected to your settings page.

Once you are on the Settings page, click on “payment option”.

 Now, in your payment options page, ensure you choose to show payment options for Nigeria else you will not find the Naira debit card payment option.

 Once you’ve clicked on Nigeria, (default selection) only choose to pay with Naira debit card.

 A pop up will appear; input the amount you wish to fund your Facebook ad Account with (minimum amount

being N100).

 Once the desired amount is set, review payment and hit make payment. The PayU payment page will open.

 You are to input the following;

 16 digit card number,

 Your account name

 Your card’s expiration year (month/year).

 If your information is correct, a one-time pin (OTP) will be sent to your approved bank number. Input the PIN in its required field and then your payment is successful.


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