LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services for Nigerian Labour Market

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Looking for a seasoned LinkedIn profile optimization expert that can help make your profile more discoverable to clients and job recruiters.

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LinkedIn is the perfect online gathering for professionals. You can use it to build your personal brand by filling in your profile with accurate information that will paint you as an excellent professional. Here are some tips to optimize your profile for the Nigerian labour market. The picture and summary of your profile are important opportunities to show the world that you are trustworthy and likable.


linkedin in profile optimization nigeria

LinkedIn is the perfect online gathering for professionals

LinkedIn is a social networking website that brings together professionals from a variety of industries to increase business connections and network within their industry. Each LinkedIn user creates a profile to let other users know a little bit about themselves, and they can also add other users to their network.

Contact us for your tailored CV or Profile Optimization via WhatsApp, SMS or mail through 0701 754 2853 or

LinkedIn profile optimization is more than just talking about your work experience

Optimising your LinkedIn profile for the Nigerian labour market is more than just talking up your work experience and describing it in a few paragraphs. It should also convey your professional personality and background. You can do this by making sure your headline and background photo convey your primary achievements. If you want to learn more about LinkedIn optimization, check out this webinar.

LinkedIn has a section that is dedicated to certifications and licenses. If you have any, add them to your profile. You can include as many as you want, but make sure they are relevant to your work experience. If you work as a writer, you can add your writing skills as a sub-skill.

Once you have your LinkedIn profile set up, make sure you stay active on the platform. Too many professionals leave their profiles alone, unless they are actively looking for a new position. Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to network and share information. When possible, post relevant articles and comment on others’ posts.

It’s also important to have a professional picture. The picture should show your face, and should be 400 x 400 pixels. You can choose whether the picture will be visible to “All LinkedIn members” or “Public”. It is also advisable to choose a background image that is relevant to your work experience, passions, or company.

LinkedIn profile picture is chance to communicate that you are likable and trustworthy

Your LinkedIn profile picture should look professional. It should show you in a good light, with a nice smile. Make sure the photo does not have any distracting backgrounds. Using an old or unprofessional photo is not advisable.

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be a recent picture of yourself. It should be high-resolution, clear and professional. It should be no less than 400×400 pixels. Having an excellent quality photo is important as this will help people find you easily.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first impression that employers make. It’s your chance to present yourself in a professional light. Try to avoid using the default’shadow’ pose as it makes you seem unprofessional. Using a close-up shot will help people connect with you more easily. Try to choose a picture of yourself that shows your face, not your pets or other members of your family.

LinkedIn summary is chance to communicate that you are likable and trustworthy

A LinkedIn summary is the chance to sell yourself to potential employers and let them know who you are. Write a short, straightforward description of your skills, experience and professional interests, and use keywords to draw attention to your profile. It is important to note that your LinkedIn summary is not a resume. It is more like an elevator pitch.

Make sure your LinkedIn summary is compelling. If you’re not sure how to make it more compelling, consider using media in it. Use infographics, videos and images to back up your information. Videos on LinkedIn are preferred by 59% of executives and are shared 20 times more than other content. Use videos to show how your product or service works, and how it benefits your audience.

LinkedIn summary is a chance to communicate your expertise in your industry. It can be a catchy sentence or an intriguing question. It can even be a call to action. It should encourage people to book an appointment with you or follow up with a message.

Your LinkedIn summary is also an opportunity to convey your personality and what makes you unique. You can use your summary to showcase your transferable skills, volunteer experience, and professional goals. Ensure that you make your LinkedIn summary engaging and easy to read.

LinkedIn summary should be at least 400 X 400 px

For maximum visibility on LinkedIn, it is essential to include a well-written, keyword-rich summary. Include keywords like content, management, and analysis, and try to write your summary as concise as possible. It is also helpful to create a brief outline before you start writing the about section. Talk about your expertise in the industry, call out your specialties, and be sure to provide data and examples to prove your expertise.

Your LinkedIn summary should contain your experience, education, and skills. Don’t use vague terms, as these don’t reflect your actual skills. Focus on tangible projects, initiatives, and recent work experience. Do not copy your resume points and make sure your summary is relevant to your current job history. Keep it short and concise to attract the attention of recruiters.

Your LinkedIn summary should speak to your qualifications and experience, while also conveying your interests and personality. It can be thought of as your digital elevator pitch or professional bio template. Some people might think that putting a summary on their profile is redundant and unnecessary if they’re already updating their profile or not looking for a job. In fact, the LinkedIn summary can be a crucial tool for securing an excellent job.

Contact us for your tailored CV or Profile Optimization via WhatsApp, SMS or mail through 0701 754 2853 or

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