Security Measures While Working Remotely

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written by Demi Oye

Remote Working

Thanks to the advances in technology and versatility of networking sites. On a daily basis, more people are working remotely and less from their office. Employees work from hotels, clients locations and sometimes even from home offices. This has enhanced the performance and productivity level of many employees in their workplace or company. However, in spite of the unprecedented ability to work remotely, security of information and company details communicated remotely is of great concern.

Computer devices can be infected with malware to scour for information and other personal data transferred from the remote workplace to the main office. When company’s data is leaked, financial and legal problems can follow. The company’s reputation can also be at risk.

Before You Go

It is important to stay alert when traveling outside for available options. Before you leave, think about what it would mean if your laptop computer were stolen or lost-are you sure you need it on your trip. Be sure to only pick along what will be of immediate use while traveling. You must bear in mind that, your laptop computer represents a hub for all information about you and your workplace and should it get into wrong hands can spell doom for your company.

During Travel/Working Remotely

Here are a number of things you should bear in mind during travel or when you are working remotel

  • Do not EVER leave a laptop in a parked car in a city in plan view – this is by far the most common way that laptops are stolen.
  • Before storing laptops in bags remove ALL USB devices from the laptop to prevent damage to the device(s).
  • Don’t check in your laptop when flying – in general, don’t let your computer out of your sight, stay aware of your surroundings.
  • If using a public wireless network, use https sites to prevent data sniffing and use VPN.
  • During Travel, have no expectation of privacy, always keep your electronic devices with you.
  • If your laptop or mobile device is stolen, change your account password (consider it compromised)

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