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Looking for a warehousing storage business plan in Nigeria for your new or existing enterprise in Nigeria or anywhere globally?

Download this warehousing storage business plan, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors.

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A warehouse is used to store goods. A commercial building used by production companies, importers and exporters, wholesalers even customs. They are large buildings, plain and large enough just for storage purposes and are mostly found in industrial areas. Running a warehouse, asides from the space for storing goods, loading docks, cranes, forklifts, pallet racks and all other equipment that will be needed in the course of unloading and loading heavy packages.
The goods stored in the warehouse can range anywhere from finished goods, raw materials, machine parts, packaging materials and anything that can withstand the storage conditions of the warehouse.

Characteristics of Ideal Warehouses

A standard and ideal warehouse should possess the following characteristics;
 A warehouse should be sited where it will be easy to transport the goods to where they will be needed, it should be located in areas with good roads and could be near highways and ports for easy loading and unloading and transportation
 Machines and equipment that will allow easy loading and unloading of the goods
 The building should be commodious, this will help keep the goods in proper order and will also aid easy movement of machines within the building
 The warehouse should have cold storage facilities when perishable food items are to be stored in them

 A large space within the premises to enable ease of movement of trucks, loading and unloading from trucks
 The building should have tight security to prevent theft of goods


Listed below are the basic functions of a warehouse;

a. Storage of Goods:

Definitely, this makes the list, the traditional function of the building is to store goods. The warehouse provides space for storage and it is the paramount function and importance of a warehouse.

b. Movement of Goods:

You might wonder how this made the list, well simple, in the movement of goods the warehouse plays an important role, goods leave ports, docks, and stations and are bound the warehouse, in the warehouse the goods are sorted and are arranged as per order, this also aids the movement process and also shipping goods out of the warehouse when they have been purchased.

c. Information Management:
One of the perks of a warehouse is orderliness in arrangement and track keeping, this helps with the flow of work as this prevents shipments from being muddled up and mistaken as it can really occur. Keeping a track of information regarding goods that have come into the warehouse, stored, and that are shipped out of the warehouse. Also, any other information pertaining to the warehouse is stored. The data captured by the information system in the warehouse is then passed on to the higher management in order to make better decisions.

d. Protection of goods:
This is also part of the luxuries that come with a warehouse, asides from just storing, the warehouse actually protects goods. It shields it from environmental conditions like sunlight and rain protecting it from loss or damage due to heat, dust, wind, and moisture, it reduces mishandling issues, and also it protects the shipment from thieves thus cutting down losses.

e. Processing:
Certain commodities are not consumed in the form they are produced. Processing is required to make them consumable. For example, salt is bagged, timber is seasoned, and fruits are ripened, etc. Sometimes warehouses also undertake these activities on behalf of the owners.

f. Grading and branding:
Warehouses sometimes perform the functions of grading and branding of goods on behalf of the production company, wholesaler, or the importer. It also provides facilities for mixing, blending and packaging of goods for the ease of handling and sale.


That’s all the basic info there is to know about WAREHOUSING STORAGE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA


How To Download Warehouse Business Plan Template

If you want the complete warehouse business plan with the full financial plan, calculations, and more, follow the procedures to download it. 

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