Why a Digital Marketing Strategy Template is a ‘No No’ for Your Online Business

by Demi

Written by Demi Oye


Everywhere we look, the in-thing seems to be creating a digital marketing strategy template that works.

Honestly, with the advance in tech, a big part of every marketing strategy must be digital.

Wherever the consumers are, the companies have to go.

Therefore, businesses and consumers have moved online; as even most 10-year-olds all over the world have a smartphone. At worse, they have a device that links them to the rest of our already ‘digital world.’

As it is a fact that the world is evolving in technology and the need for digital marketing strategy cannot be debated, a new question has evolved. Famous digital marketing strategy kinds are websites and social media strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategy Template

Is a digital marketing strategy template needed for your online business?

From website templates to social media templates, to any other digital marketing strategy template; many use digital marketing strategy templates for apparent reasons. For some, it is because they are easy to build on. For others, it is merely because they come cheaper and take lesser time. Generally, the more significant percentage of people prefers things that come cheap and easy.

Now, follow us to a gold mine and let us show you why it is wrong to follow the rest of the crowd.

Reasons why it is wrong to build your online presence and market your business with digital marketing strategy template:

1. Lack of Fresh Content

Typically, digital marketing strategy templates are usually similar. Every online business wants to be distinct. Recycling the same old set of website template or social media strategy templates can be disastrous. It takes out the ability to set a business apart from other business. Every idea is unique to its owner and at every point; the content should reflect the brand’s story. For social media, templates make things stereotyped. It takes away the ability for an online business page to trend in cases of unforeseen circumstances. Digital marketing strategy examples found online cannot provide fresh content.

2. Approaches to Digital technology and Marketing approaches change very quickly

A world where businesses adapt quickly and embrace quick changes in technology is the world we currently live in.

Are you going to get it right or keep playing catch up?

The approach with which you need to reach out to your target audience has a high probability of changing fast. A template which is recycled all the time gives room for relaxation. It takes away need to be abreast of current trends.

3. Digital Marketing is now a major means of marketing; handling it with levity is dangerous

‘Cheap’ and ‘easy’ sounds like the usual terms of something handled with levity. A website template, for instance, comes cheap and easy. Digital marketing is now a major means of marketing and using recycled content, or any form of template does not connote ‘giving it your best.’ Deriving satisfaction from using downloaded digital marketing PDFs depicts mediocrity.

4. Deviation from the goal of the business per time

Another business’ or a go-to website’s template would not connote the picture of what your business is all about per time. Therefore, going through the pain of designing yours from scratch is always worth it. In the long run, a unique business yields a high ROI and high lead values. For the purpose originality, avoid using digital marketing strategy examples found online. In summary, digital marketing should adjust to suit your business goal and not the other way round.

5. SEO Problems

In the case of template websites, they come with little or no on-page SEO options. Your ranking on Google will be affected and consequentially, less traffic to your website results. Your competitive advantage in terms of SEO increases with originality and uniqueness. This piece on how to improve your SEO efforts can help buttress this point.



The success your online business can achieve is reduced with these restrictions. iT also affects Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) negatively. A digital marketer would also benefit from the experience derived from working with a website design agency or a structured digital marketing company. There are several other limitations such as design limitations, limitation in creativity and ability to blow the minds of your visitors. The list of limitations goes on and on when digital marketing strategy PDFs are capitalized on in marketing. The end point is to get a well-tailored digital marketing strategy for your online business.


Written by Demi Oye


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