Why an ICO white paper Writer Does Not Need to Be a Programmer

by Demi

Cryptocurrency ICOs are everywhere right now.

One of the most important aspects of launching a cryptocurrency is the presentation of a white paper.

But does Why a ICO white paper Writer need to be a Programmer?

A white paper document contains every information about the crypto, including technical issues, tokens, investment details, etc. so that prospective investors can read and understand in details before getting into it. If you’re planning an ICO you need to hire an ICO white paper writer to help you put up all this information in a structured and easy to understand way. You must have heard people say that you need to hire an ICO white paper writer who also knows how to program; that is not true and here is why.


An ICO white paper is a document written about the technicalities of the crypto you’re about to put in the market. All of that information can be studied and understood without the in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects. All the writer has to do is get the information from the company and present it in a way that is accurate and will make sense to the reader. When you hire a white paper writer, they need to provide a document that is complete and can attract people to invest in the crypto. It has to not just contain good information but also be convincing enough to attract attention and produce results.

Why an ICO white paper Writer Does Not Need to Be a Programmer



Most programmers’ job description doesn’t include writing of any kind. They know how to write codes, provide structure, and present a functional interface, but they can’t deliver the kind of writing that will be good enough for marketing purposes. Tech writers understand the type of words to use and are familiar with writing styles, table of contents, and every other information that needs to make it into the white paper. The programmer background as a code writer doesn’t provide them with the capability to express themselves in words even though they have a good idea of what the ICO is all about.

John McAfee, who has recently launched a business to help ICOs come up with a white paper they need to attract investments said, “Techies don’t usually tend to be great marketing and tech writing geniuses,” the businessmen said. “That’s why development teams hire ‘tech writers.’ Everyone knows this”.


The programmers may be the ones that create the codes and build the platform that runs the ICO but they need tech writers to help them interpret their message in a way that will attract people’s attention. Tech writers will be able to provide a detailed description of the market and the product, the current problem, and the way the product will help solve the problem. They will also be able to provide information on the token, how the raised funds is going to be used, etc.

A professional ICO white paper writer will deliver better results and help you get the document that will attract investment. These professional tech writers are experienced and well-equipped with all the information and details you need. They will be able to provide you with information that will ensure that your marketing plans succeed.



Writing is an art form that can be learned by any individual willing to dedicate the time, will and resources to hone their skills. Who says you must have a degree in literature, arts, and humanities or mass communication before you can become a pen wizard?

It’s only safe to understand that a white paper writer who spends most of his/her time writing but with a decent experience in the cryptocurrency world will understand and express the pain points to investors better than a programmer who simply understands the technology. Hire a pro white paper writer or crypto writer now.


Written by Demi Oye.

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