Why you need an ICO White paper that Wins

by Demi

Why are investors interested in a company with a great ICO White paper.

Initial coin offering (ICO) remains an excellent way for companies to access capital. Capital has been shown to be significantly increased through the process of an ICO. When an investor participates in a token sale, their sole aim is to make a profit when the company does.

The surge in the competition makes every company want to on the top of their game. When investors decide to check if a company is worth their investment, they look out for their whitepaper. A properly drafted ICO white paper is the type of ICO whitepaper that wins.

So, what is a whitepaper?

A White paper is a document that lists out the problems as well as the way out (which is, of course, a project designed by your company) which would fix the problem.


A white paper is meant to be detailed and compelling. It discusses what your company’s technology works to save a situation. A good white paper is clear. It is also concise and very detailed. Even though it’s a marketing piece, it reads more than a science paper.

A good ICO white paper writer also has current data on the market situation. It indicates where you envisage the breakthrough of your product to emerge. This is a form of crucial data as it allows your investors to have clear insights on your calculus that determined the number and value of crypto tokens you chose to issue.

I would rather implore you not to entrust the task of writing a white paper in the hands of a programmer, simply because he understands the terms and technologies better. (Read why).

Every good ICO white paper is constructed for one sole aim. That aim is to make the investors buy your issued tokens as part of your ICO.  To make this work, your whitepaper has to make them want to buy into your idea. This will require the rigorous, but profiting process of informing, reassuring and persuading them.

Some parts that must be present in every white paper with the aim of winning customers are the project outline, the solution, and a comprehensive explanation regarding token sales and considerations with the marketplace in perspective.



The truth about a white paper is that even though it is used to sell a product, it doesn’t look so. It is primarily a marketing document. Every investor expects to gain profit from your business, so they must know that investing is worth it. Everyone wants to see that they’ll get the value for their money. They need to know your money-making strategy.

During an ICO, a critical part of the business is skipped. Sales and revenue is that part. In the digital economy, sales and revenue inclusion is an essential part for success. You owe to your investors, and of course, yourself. Most reviews skip this part as one of the best ICO whitepaper practice.

Without a solid strategy, overtime expenses will override revenue. Investors do not want to see this. Hence, you have to put out a plan.

A large percentage of startups in the blockchain industry do not include revenue plans in their white paper. This bounces back at a disadvantage as many investors will have lots of questions; whereas, a whitepaper is supposed to avoid this and give adequate information. A company with detailed information avoids such situations.

Without a doubt, developing a sales and revenue plan to be put out there is a demanding process. However, it is possible.

In Conclusion

Avoid using white papers from five years ago as a prototype for yours. Things evolve, and you have to have a lot of data at your fingertips. An ICO white paper that wins takes effort but if you take time to work on your execute the best ICO white paper practice, get an ICO white paper writer then you are halfway there.

If you are coming up with an entirely new idea for the market, then, you need to start talking to your target clients. It costs you nothing. At the same time, work with trial customers. Making your proposition look like it’s worth it comes with having a sales and revenue plan.

Start working on it now! Avoid skirting around with an ico white paper template and Hire an expert white paper writer today!!


Written by Demi Oye

Edited by Demi Oye.

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