Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Car Shipping Companies

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Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Car Shipping Companies

Looking for a professional, and experienced Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Car Shipping Companies for your Brochure for logistics, and supply chain companies, Landing pages for logistics, and supply chain companies needs

The spontaneous and exponential growth of e-commerce is more proof that the economy is global, and this growth was facilitated by the expansion of the internet which has advanced to the extent of being safe to enable the carrying out of transactions without the actual meeting of parties involved. With trades being completed without meeting of buyers and sellers in reality but goods are still real and not virtual, hence the need for companies that handle logistics and bring about the transportation of cargo has also risen too, exponentially.

The increasing need has stimulated the birth of new logistics companies and existing shipping companies have been induced to up their ante. The market for logistics companies gets bigger by the increasing growth of e-commerce and so does the number of new logistics and cargo shipping companies, now the question pops up, ‘how do you remain distinct in an industry that gets saturated by the minute?’


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Copywriter for Supply Chain Companies

There are a lot of possible answers to the question asked in the last paragraph, but if a poll were to be taken and business consultants were asked to choose, majority of them will choose effective marketing as the answer that best fits the question.

To market your services effectively in an industry that is broad and characterized by a lot of niches and categories, you have to begin by determining your niche audience and then pronouncing what makes your company the best choice to make when trying to be served in that niche.

A copywriter with the knowledge of how the industry operates, who basically understands supply chains, logistics, freight forwarding, cargo shipping and transportation can establish your brand. They can create you an online presence in the form of a professionally written website that will funnel traffic and convert them to clients or customers and also other marketing materials that will grow your customer base and generate sales.

One of the biggest areas a new logistics company can tap into is the container trade, but this also contributes to its high competitiveness.

A copywriter who is familiar with the capabilities of a cargo forwarder should be opted for when the need for marketing your services arises, capabilities such as; collecting the cargo, crating it, putting it into a container, arranging all permits, buying insurance, booking the freight vehicle (ship or airplane), delivering the cargo to the port, clearing customs, handling handovers from one logistics company to another, receiving the cargo at the destination, taking care of nationalization, delivering cargo to its destination

We should look into a few cases studies of freight forwarding companies.


Case Study: First Shipping Company

The first Shipping company is a global logistics and freight-forwarding company. It is known for offering all types of transportation modes – air freight, ocean freight, road transportation and customs brokerage services.

Solving cargo transportation supply-chain problems is how this shipping company made a name for itself.

The representatives of this company see themselves as logistics and supply chain problem solvers. Whatever is the nature of the shipping problem, their aim is to solve it once they are contacted. Their service is extremely personalized and fully customized.

The copywriting for this logistics company highlighted its highly personal customers service.

A bunch of notes were made to highlight their unique competencies. How unique? This cargo forwarding company prides itself on being able to ship items that are notoriously difficult to transport in terms of size, places they deliver to, sensitive shipments they deliver. Consider some of these we pulled from their website.

Ship repair and maintenance parts transport

Time-critical shipments for the aviation industry even to remote locations

Life sciences shipments (could be temperature- and time-sensitive products most times, shows how arduous it could be) could be vaccines, medications and human blood.

Livestock products (frequently deal in shipping refrigerated bull semen to cattle breeders around the world). Writing about these specific capabilities in the marketing materials does help to convey the message about being unique that this paragraph article wants to pass.


Case Study: Second Shipping Company

The second Shipping company was established in 2002.  In its first fifteen years of successful operation, it was on a little-or-no-marketing scheme. Its business flourished depending majorly on word-of-mouth referrals and the coming back of satisfied customers. Around 2019 its management got to know they needed to indulge in marketing if it was to compete with other companies in the industry.

This company distinguishes itself by not only shipping products but also by sourcing products within the country that their customers outside the country might need, a cogent point we noted that made the company stand out.

It was known to businesses that patronized it outside the country as the best resource for getting products that were not available in their own countries. It said there wasn’t a product it couldn’t obtain and ship.


Case Study: Third Shipping Company

Third Shipping company differs from the first two shipping companies in that it relies heavily on technology to handle logistics instead of representatives. A platform built with analytics as its core component and over 60,000 lines of code. The company also implements intelligent data collection, advanced algorithms and actionable metrics to find and present the best shipping options direct to customers, allowing customers themselves to choose their own transportation solutions and this has been their lifebuoy keeping them afloat in the industry or even their jet as it makes them stand out exquisitely as big data and advanced analytics are beginning to play an increased role in logistics and transportation.

It executes its shipping by truck throughout the country. Customers post their shipping needs and options and receive replies within minutes from trucking companies. By using technology as an advantage, customers are able to choose the best options for their logistics and be cost-efficient too.


Marketing Success for Shipping Companies

Many logistics, freight-forwarding and cargo-shipping companies appear the same and customers are not aware of qualities that distinguish them as they’re competing for the same customers. And in situations where service providers appear to be commodities, customers choose the cheapest of the bunch.


This resource teaches how to write a brochure.


Looking for a professional, and experienced Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Car Shipping Companies? 

A copywriter well versed in the operations of a shipping industry knows how to circle out a company’s unique qualifications and capabilities.

Marketing and sales success finds those logistics companies that distinguish themselves and demonstrate their value. The copy on their website and in their marketing materials should be a big part of that strategy.

A copywriter who understands the shipping, freight forwarding and logistics industry is important for placing your company in the right position to aid you in achieving your sales objectives.


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