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Looking for a comprehensive soybean oil production business plan in Nigeria for your personal use or to seek grants, and loans from investors, CBN, NIRSAL, and other institutions?

Soybean oil production is an important part of the Nigerian economy. The country produces about 30,000 tons of soybeans annually, and it is a major exporter of soybeans to other African countries. Soybeans are grown on over 1 million hectares of land in Nigeria, and they have been increasing in popularity since being introduced by American missionaries in the early 1900s.

The main crops grown in Nigeria are maize and soybeans. Soybean plants are grown primarily for their seeds, which can be used as sources of vegetable oil. Other uses include animal feed and fertilizer.

In recent years, demand for soybeans has increased due to rising populations in cities and rural areas alike. However, this increase has resulted in increased competition among farmers who want to sell their products at reasonable prices so that they can earn profits from their work.




1.0. Executive Summary

Refined soybean oil will be sold to domestic and industrial customers by the renowned Bronsey Soybean Oil Production Company, which will have its headquarters in Ibadan. Our facility is easily accessible from and to our location, which is prominent. Along with selling refined soybean oil, we also want to provide consulting and training services, provide high-protein fiber to manufacturers of animal feed, and sell refined soybean oil.

Our soybean oil business was founded with the intention of competing with other well-established soybean oil manufacturers in the market in addition to generating a profit. Our goal is to become well-known throughout Oyo state, not only in Ibadan.

To guarantee that our business expands to an enviable quality, we have put plans, structures, and strategies in place. We have engaged the greatest experts in the industry with a wealth of expertise to assist in managing our soybean oil manufacturing firm since we are aware that this can be accomplished if we invest in human resources.

2.0. Our Products and Services

At Bronsey Soybean Oil Production Company, we plan to provide a range of goods and services, but our major offerings will be refined soybean oil for household use and crude soybean oil for industrial usage.

Nonetheless, we are conscious that having numerous revenue streams would enhance our company’s bottom line and guarantee that we stay in operation for a very long time while also developing and expanding at our own pace. Consequently, our goal is to maximize our financial gain in accordance with Nigerian law.

Several of our offerings are listed below;

  • advisory services
  • fiber high in protein for livestock feed
  • services for franchise training
  • soybean oil for use in industry
  • Soybean oil that has been refined for home use

3.0. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • In three years, our vision is that we want to be one of the top soybean oil industries in Nigeria, producing soybean oil that has undergone the finest extraction technique.
  • Our mission in attaining our vision is to provide our customers with high-quality soybean oil by utilizing modern refining equipment and hiring the best personnel to meet all of their demands.

4.0. Our Business Structure

Building a soybean oil production firm that will be of a high grade requires having the appropriate corporate structure, which entails making sure that all necessary elements are in place to carry out the company’s mission.

Aside from the financial resources, human resources are regarded as being very important in every business, so it is crucial that we hire not only the best individuals to assist in running the company but also those who will fully comprehend the vision of the organization and ensure that they constantly work toward achieving this vision. We also want to make sure that our staff members receive an alluring benefit package that will encourage them to work harder and more effectively.

Below is the business structure we intend to build for our Bronsey Soybean Oil Production Company:

  • Accountant
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Human resources and Admin Manager
  • Maintenance Team
  • Managing Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Plant Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Security Guard
  • Truck Driver

5.0. SWOT Analysis

As a serious company, we are aware that although having a great business idea is great, there are a number of obstacles we will probably have when it comes to actually running the business, from keeping and recruiting customers to having the greatest employees to assist operate the organization.

We have thus employed a renowned business consultant in North Carolina to assist us in conducting a thorough evaluation of our suitability to enter the soybean oil-producing sector. The analysis will help us understand how to compete advantageously in the soybean oil producing business with our rivals.


Our strength is that we not only refine soybean oil for home and industrial use, but that we also sell other goods, such high-protein fiber for manufacturers of animal feed, and that we provide additional services that will support our income base. As a result of our varied products and offers, we would be able to serve a broad spectrum of clients.


Our drawback is that there are other companies that produce soybean oil in North Carolina, therefore it may be challenging for us to enter this market because we would be up against established companies who already control a portion of the target market. Nevertheless, we are not discouraged by this since we have measures in place that will enable us to compete with our rivals while making a good impact on our customers.

How To Download The Soybean Feasibility Study Template PDF and Doc

Above is a part of the soybean oil production business plan in Nigeria. In case you need the complete study, follow the procedures to download it.

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