Fast Way to Accept Online Payments in Nigeria

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Looking for Fast Way to Accept Online Payments in Nigeria?

One of the new online payment platforms and also easily one of the best options to pick out of many when it comes to online payments, Paystack has launched a new payment solution Payment Starter Businesses, which is good news for businesses without a company registration certificate or opening a corporate bank account

This new innovation is geared towards helping startups and merchants through their embryo stages where their businesses have not yet morphed into a full-fledged corporate enterprise with all the legal paperwork in place till they become fully formalized and established

To get started you need to have your Bank Verification Number (BVN), a personal bank account, and a valid means of identification which can either be a passport, a valid National ID, or a driver’s license. With all these on deck. you can begin to accept payments from your online customers.


A Quick Way to Accept Internet Payments in Nigeria

There’s a Paystack solution for Registered Businesses, This solution is for registered businesses unlike Paystack Starter Businesses and they have access to the Paystack Transfers feature which is not available in the Paystack Starter Businesses solution making it unable to maintain a balance inside of Paystack. Rather, funds received by Paystack Starter Business users are transferred automatically into their bank accounts within 24 hours.

Also, there is a limit to the amount of money a Paystack Starter Business user can receive which is 2 million nairas but this can be increased to 3 million if he verifies his phone number using Truecaller.

Upgrade from Starter Business To Registered Business on Paystack

The need to move from Paystack Starter Business to Registered Business might beckon soon and this upgrade will require a CAC business registration document.


Fast Way to Accept Online Payments in Nigeria

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