How to Find a Business Plan Writer in Nigeria

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Picking a business plan writer in Nigeria can be a daunting task, and we are here to explain all you need to know about hiring a business plan writer.
As an entrepreneur, there’re several things you need to do before establishing your enterprise. And one of these things is business planning.
But I’d advise you don’t skip the process of creating a business plan. It offers you vision, direction, and runs your business. Several Nigerians entrepreneurs don’t have the time for sitting down and creating their business plan. If this is you, then you are required to look for someone who will do it or you instead of ignoring it.
Getting an excellent business plan writer in Nigeria to write your business plan is not as hard as most will have you believe.
As you’re aware, if you want to make a business proposal, either to get an invest funding, or you need support, you’re required to have a convincing, professional business plan.
The tips that follow will greatly assist you in choosing the best business plan writer in Nigeria.

1. Do extensive research:
The initial thing you’re to do while searching for an excellent business plan writer in Nigeria is to search for the ones that are available. You can check for available business plan writers on newspapers, magazines, ads, or online.
You can also go to freelance platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Freelancer, and you’ll see a number of business plan writers from Nigeria. After you’ve seen the ones that are available, move on to the next step to know what you’re to do next.

2. Assess each of them:
Read reviews and testimonials of their customers. A good testimonial or review in the profile of a person is a vote of confidence offered by their customers who are satisfied with their services.
They are also required to have an excellent and proven track record. But you shouldn’t stop there; you’ll be required to move further still. Check out the next step.

3. Look for one who has experience in your industry:
Because the content of the business plan is essential, if you are looking for someone who will help you write it, you want to look for the person who has experience in your industry.
You need someone that’ll tell you if you’re projecting expenses on marketing as too low to be realistic or the profits are just too high. You need someone that will give you tips on the crucial metrics. These metrics are always specific to your business, so there’s a high tendency of you knowing them already.

4. Check out the copies of the business plans they’ve written before:
You can get hold of their samples or previous business plans they could have likely published. If you are impressed by anyone, and the past works are convincing, there is a high tendency that the person will also create an excellent business plan for you. But you should also be wary of business plans that are plagiarized business plans. What I mean is that a number of business plans writers just copy the business plans of people from the internet, then deliver it to you. Doing a quick Google search of the provided samples can single out the ones that are plagiarized.

5. Check out how much it costs and the value-proposition:
You’re required to do a thorough assessment of the what the service will cost compared to the amount of value you’ll get from it. Should I proceed? Is it worth it? These are a number of the questions you’re to be asking yourself at this instance.

6. Proceed if you have full confidence in the option:
There are several business plan writers in Nigeria. If you’re sure that you have made the right choice after doing all that’s above. There should be nothing hindering you then. I will encourage you to proceed and do business with them.

7. You can ideally look for someone in your team:
One of the greatest places you can find someone that will be there on a long-term, who have knowledge of your industry, and who possesses necessary experience, is someone that’s already on your team. Check out your roster of advisors and managers. If you feel writing a business plan is a thing anyone who knows about your business can do, then you can check out for someone in your company who you feel can lead the task for you, and take it over.


What Determines the Price of Writing a Business Plan?

The points which follow below are factors you’re to consider while searching for the price of writing a business plan in Nigeria.

1. The business plan’s objective:
Anytime you’re thinking of writing a business plan, what’s the objective of writing this business plan actually? Why do I want to write this business plan? If you can indeed get a coherent answer, then the business plan writing process can be commenced. One important thing you’re required to take note of is that an increase in the objective of writing your business plan will also result in an increase in the price, and vice versa. You’ll likely have a huge numeric number of objectives to cater for any time you’re writing your business plan, and these objectives will also likely require to be altered depending on what these objectives are.

2. Level of Difficulty:
A number of businesses are very complex that the business plan writing itself will be difficult to an enormous level. This is actually true taking note of the fact that for the success of a business, all details are required to be included in the business plan. An increase in its level of difficulty will also cause an increase in its price. Of course, this isn’t a fixed price because a number of business plans will indeed have a lower price for various reasons which are best known to the person writing the business plan.

3. Content needs:
When it has to do with writing business plans, what are the content needs of the person who is requesting the business plan? In what way can the business plan best be interpreted by the manager or financer who’s asking or managing the business, respectively? Is the intended firm a large one or a small one? Is the company a huge enterprise or a one-person show? All these are questions needed to be asked when you’re thinking of the price if writing a business plan in Nigeria. The intricacy of the business plan’s content is directly proportional to the price. A business plan of high level, which generally involves a more capital outlay, will need more work when writing such. This thing is what most individuals don’t consider when the consultants that are writing their business plans ask for a higher price than average.

4. The consultant’s expertise:
If the consultant has a higher knowledge of the business industry, it will result in a higher price if writing the business plan. This is as a result of the consultant being well versed in the industry with which the business is, and this will make the consultant have a better interpretation of the client’s vision. This will also make the consultant be able to gather the requirements of such without risking the business plan’s quality itself.

5. The startup’s capital volume needs:
Speaking in general, startups which have more capital volume need longer time to prepare and more resources for market research to ascertain the proposed business’ viability. This is due to the fact that n this case, the startup will need a substantial amount of capital, and with that, there should be no mistakes made when planning the business particularly from the perspective of investment. There will most likely be a higher cost required when those kinds of projects are given to consultants.

6. Scale and scope of the project:
A number of projects are global, while some other projects are local. Some are needed for large scale industrial area while some are needed for narrow niches. The higher the scale and scope of the business, the higher the price and vice versa. It is because a considerable amount of resource would be required for determining the way they’ll present a business plan. Accuracy is critical, particularly when you pitch your business to decision-makers that have a higher tendency of putting up their money to fund the project.


Don’t rush while trying to get your business plan ready. It isn’t like a blog post or article which can be written within a few hours. A business plan of high quality can take around four days to weeks.
As seen in the points stated above, the price of writing a business plan in Nigeria is determined by several factors. Therefore, getting expert business consultants that can best combine reasonable pricing with expertise is necessary.


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