How to Start a Laundry Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria (Free Business Plan)

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This article comes with a free business plan outline for a laundry business in Nigeria.

Everybody does laundry, and everybody can admit this task, as simple as it might seem, is quite arduous, if you “do” laundry then you will know what I mean, from getting the dirty and greasy clothes washed to drying them to ironing them and then folding them, this task might not fit into everybody’s schedule then laundry services come in handy and the way this business is being patronized, it has become clear that almost everybody is lazy to do their laundry and finds it the least favorite household chore.

Given the constant need for clean clothes, this industry is quite lucrative and is the right business to venture into. Now slow your roll, I see you are already thinking about the profits you can make with it, but like every business, you have to strategize and plan before venturing into it, this article will help you with just that. Take a look at the following strategies on how to run a laundry business successfully:

Gain Knowledge in the Laundry Industry

No qualifications or experience is needed forehand but it is actually advised to try to know a few things about the business, this will prove very valuable in the course of running your business and will help you know about the trade, what customers want and what type of people to hire.


a. Carry Out Market Research

Market research has to be carried out duly as this will make you aware of the demand for laundry services in the area where your business is situated, it will help you estimated your profit as you will be able to determine how well people will respond to your venture.


b. Write a Business Plan

This cannot be overemphasized, even if you are not getting a loan or planning to, a business plan and a detailed financial analysis have to be in place to forecast figures, understand the market.

Starting a laundry business might be more expensive than you think. When writing your business plan, jot down all the equipment and items you will need and factor them into your budget to ensure the financial viability of your venture.


c. Determine Your Target Market

Think about the demographics that will comprise your target market, this will help you know whether your business is situated in the right place or not. Besides, if you don’t have an answer as to who your business aims to satisfy then how are you going to direct your marketing and advertisements? Carving out who your target markets are is a vital step when it comes to marketing your business.


d. Pick a Prime Venue

You have to locate your business in a place that makes it accessible to your target market, and this is so crucial that the whole business depends on it, a prime location will also do its fair share in marketing your business to the public. Naturally, the price of acquiring a space will also be factored into the business plan and taken out of potential profits.

As a tip, spaces with parking makes dropping off and picking up laundry more convenient for customers and this feature should be considered.


e. Market Your Business

This step is very crucial, all strategies laid out has to be put into place just for this strategy and if this strategy flops, it is safe to say that the business has too, some cases are exceptional, but such cases are so rare, especially in a business like a laundry

Once you have everything in place to commence with the proceedings of your venture, start marketing aggressively. From posting fliers to sending direct mail, and even getting your own website launched, there are endless ways to market your laundry business to different target markets.



Now that we know how to start a laundry dry cleaning business in Nigeria, then you are good to go. The laundry business is not really daunting, but failure to put all these strategies in place might make it seem daunting and also lead to its inevitable peril, if all strategies are put into place, the business is sure to yield good profit and keep running.



How To Download The Full Laundry Business Plan Template PDF (with financial analysis)

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