Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Nigeria and Lagos

by Demi

Looking for the best sterling digital marketing agencies in Lagos or the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria that can help scale your business in today’s digital age?

We have created a post that lists the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria for small and medium-sized businesses.

Digital marketing agencies that work with small businesses make it their utmost priority to deliver the highest quality results on a budget that fits their financial plans which doesn’t diminish the quality of work they’d get from an enterprise-level digital marketing agency in any way whatsoever.

Digital marketing for small business includes website design, social media, online advertising, email advertising, SEO and more. This can be strange and would seem irrelevant, although it’s not, to small business owners simply looking to attract more visitors to their website. If you are looking for digital marketing agencies to consult in Nigeria, here is a list of the top ten digital marketing agencies in Nigeria as of 2020;



1. LiveandWing it (Marketing agency)

LiveandWingit is a digital marketing outfit offering a wide range of services including digital branding, business plan, whitepaper production, copywriting, Facebook ad targeting and Social Media Management. They partner with brands, agencies and startups to create engaging content for small and medium scale business. Liveandwing marketing agency ranks high for several keywords like business plan writing, company profile, and whitepaper writing and many more. You can contact them via  +234 701 754 2853 or


2. CKDigital (Creative Agency)


CKDigital is a digital creative agency out to help businesses succeed through exceptional digital services, focused on results. CKDigital consists a team of professionals passionate about what they do with a culture of excellence.


3. Amplify (Marketing Agency)

Amplify is a digital agency that is sealing the wide space between Marketing and Technology by making solutions that aid businesses in fully reaching their targeted audience.

The team at Amplify is made up of digital marketers, technology enthusiasts, graphic designers, social community managers and innovative and creative change-makers using technology to create digital experiences for brands across the African continent.


4. Bytesize (Marketing Agency) 

Bytesize is a full-service digital communications agency in Nigeria that interfuses consumer research, creativity, and insight to transform your business.

The digital marketing agency is specialized in delivering accurate strategic thinking and digital marketing direction that can turn your concept rapidly from perception to reality.




5. Dodo (Design Agency) 

DODO is a creative agency that helps businesses stand out in the market. Through a more human centred process, this design agency helps brands build unique and non-generic experiences for customers.

The mentioned services are offered by DODO – Brand Strategy and Identity Design, Print and Packaging Design, Website Design (UX and UI Design), Customer Experience Design, Digital Marketing, Customer Research, and Data Visualization.


6. Ellae Creative (Creative Agency)

Ellae is an energetic and talented creative agency situated at Lagos, Nigeria. The agency mixes intelligent creativity with a collaborative approach, delivering powerful results through brand, communication, creative and other digital channels for clients. At the helm of Ellae is a team of creative and strategic professionals, all sharing in the same creative passion, philosophy, and firm belief in the power of astonishing ideas.


7. Street Toolz (Interactive Agency)

Street Toolz is a full-blown and holistic African marketing and interactive agency with a digital tilt. Founded in 2011 with a watchword that user experience, interactivity and engagement, and not advertising is the key to building a successful brand. With a portfolio of clients ranging from British Council, PropertyMart, Grand Cereals, World Bank Group and much more. The agency believes in creating a valuable connection between users and brands that are long-lasting.


8. Intense (Marketing Agency)

Intense is a digital marketing & social media management agency. Intense optimizes your reach and makes it possible to communicate with your target audience, thereby increasing sales in turn, all of these are done using digital marketing and social media.

The range of services that Intense offers to its clients include; Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Product Design.


9. Cregital (Creative Agency) 

Creative Digital Agency has its headquarters running its operations in Lagos Nigeria. Cregital helps brands and businesses make digital and smart impressions. Cregital reduces the bureaucracy found at traditional agencies by working closely with clients to understand their business objectives and help them grow within their budget.


10. Wild Fusion (Marketing Agency)

Wild Fusion leads the pack of the digital marketing agency in Nigeria. It is a certified partner of Google Adwords in Nigeria and was the first to attain that height and has its offices based in several cities in Africa, including Accra, Lagos, and Nairobi. They are devoted to offering a wide range of marketing services which encompasses brand strategy, media services, content production, social media marketing, PPC advertising, digital marketing strategy, mobile marketing, creative development, web analytics, SEO, customer insights and training.



There you have it ; the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria and the best digital marketing agencies in lagos

As a small business owner, there are a handful of things you should be on the lookout for before you hand over your marketing or branding campaign to any agency. You should also make sure that they display a certain level of prowess in areas that can help small businesses grow, like SEO and PPC, and explain areas that puzzle or sound strange to you. You should also make sure that the bulk of their clientele are REAL businesses. The difference between digital marketing agencies that serve small businesses and those that serve enterprise businesses are evident in the attention they give their clients and the strategies they use in attaining their goals.


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