8 copywriting podcasts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

by Demi

Looking for the best copywriting podcasts to help improve your knowledge of copywriting and maybe apply these gems in your business?

Below is a list of copywriting podcasts that you can listen to for free. These episodes address the techniques and tools of writers, explore content marketing, review copywriting issues of small businesses, and many more.

8 copywriting podcasts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs



8 copywriting podcasts for Entrepreneurs


The Fizzle Show Podcast

This podcast is a weekly one, and it provides insights for small business owners and online business builders. It is focused on audience growth, productivity, motivation, and modern business essentials. This podcast provides a lot of assistance with copywriting problems like podcasting, blogging, and content marketing. “5 Ways To Come Up With Great Content Ideas Now” and “Routines For Tuning Up The Mind” are two of their recent episodes.


Grammar Girl

This is a podcast by Mignon Fogarty, who is the founder of Quick and Dirty Tips Network. She offers style, punctuation, and business tips to help you in becoming a more successful and better writer. The episodes I’ll recommend to you are “I.e., Versus, E.g.” and “Top Ten Grammar Myths.” She is an inductee in the Hall of Fame of Podcasting.


The Copywriter Club Podcast

This is a podcast that’s hosted by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, and they are the ones who created The Copywriter Club, which is a private group of “smarty-pants copywriters working alongside each other to grow our businesses.” “Product Launches,” and “What It Means to Be a Conversion Copywriter” are two of their recent episodes.


The Hot Copy

This is a podcast hosted by Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver, who are Australian copywriters. They teach easy to implement copywriting tricks, tips, and techniques. Get precise copywriting training for direct marketing, emails, content marketing, advertising, and many more. “Perfect proofreading for error-free copywriting” and “10 tips on Writing Better with Amanda VanElderen,” are two episodes that can help you improve your copy.


Marketing Over Coffee

This is a podcast that talks about both new and classic marketing elements for driving a compelling copy. The hosts are Christopher Penn and John Wall, and they publish this show on Thursdays after they’ve recorded it in a coffee shop in the morning. The length of every show is about 20 minutes, and it shares tips and tricks of marketing. “Seth Godin on What To Do When It’s Your Turn” and  “Special Interview with Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why,” are two of their recent episodes.


The Writer Files

This podcast examines the habitats, habits, and brains of known writers to learn their secret of creativity and productivity. Learn the way expert writers do the work. Part one and part two of “The Writer’s Brain on Productivity vs. Creativity” are two of their recent episodes.


High-Income Business Writing Podcast

This is a podcast hosted by Ed Gandiaz, who co-authored the book “The Wealthy Freelancer.” This is a popular podcast that provides techniques and tips on writing professionally from experts. Discover what is working for several other business writers and case studies from the industry. “Conversational Copywriting with Nick Usborne.” and “Eight Simple SEO Tweaks That Boosted Matt Olpinski’s Website Ranking on Google” are two of the recent episodes.


This Old Marketing Podcast

This is a podcast that talks about content marketing and telling stories for attracting and retaining customers. Every episode has (i) content marketing in the news, (ii) rants and raves on content marketing issues, and (iii) an example. This podcast is actually a part of the podcast network of the Content Marketing Institute.



No matter what stage you are in your business, these podcasts will help you become a better copywriter for your e-commerce business and help develop your business acumen. Some of the podcasts listed also provide motivation and growth hack tips that will help you become a better person, holistically.


P.S: Trying to start a podcast? We wrote 5 reasons why you should give it a shot.

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