Download Feasibility Study for Catfish Farming in Nigeria

by Demi

Download this comprehensive feasibility study for Catfish Farming in Nigeria for your loan and grant requirements for NIRSAL, CBN, BOA, BOI. A Poultry Farming Feasibility Study is all you need to start up your desired Poultry farming business.


This article is a feasibility study for Catfish Farming in Nigeria that can hold 10,000 fish and is to be stocked with fingerlings of high breed catfish. The expenses incurred from sourcing for the fingerlings down to marketing and selling the fish are put into consideration.

The farm will comprise of 10 concrete ponds that will house 1000 fish conveniently, the ponds will be installed with the flow-through system. The expense incurred during the construction of a pond is as follows;

The dimensions of each pond is 3m x 2.5m by 1.4m, each pond consumes 200 blocks and each bag of cement makes 25 blocks which means a pond takes almost 8 bags of cement. Hence,

200 x 10 = 2,000 blocks, total blocks for 10 ponds

2,000/25 = 80 bags of cement needed for 10 ponds

A bag of cement is 4,500, thus, 4,500 x 80 = 360,000 naira

A tipper of sand is 20,000, 4 tippers will be 20,000×4 = 80,000

A tipper of gravel is 40,000 x 2 = N80, 000

Cost of labor = N250, 000

Cost of plumbing (inlet and outlet facility) = N300, 000

The cost of drilling a borehole = N350, 000

Cost of treating the water = N50, 000.

Cost of bowls and nets for sorting = 45,000

Total: = 1,515,000

(All the above fall under the capital investments)

The cost of high breed fingerlings 35×10,000 = N350, 000

Cost of labor/farm attendant = 60,000 (for employing two persons) over a period of 6months = 180,000

Cost of electricity/ fuel for 6 months = 90,000

Cost of feeding on day one to maturity stage for 6 months is at 400 naira per fish. = N4, 000,000

Total: 4,620,000

(All of these fall under the running cost)

Expected Sales

After the average weight of the fish was 1.5 kg. And it was sold at the lowest rate of 850 naira each. The output was 850×9800 x 1.5 kg of fish, due to a mortality of 200 fish.

850 x 9800 = N8, 330,000

Total input is 6,124,000, approximately 6,500,000 minus cost of land

Sales will yield 8,330,000

Running cost: 4,620,000

20% profit for capital investment payback

20% profit for savings for future expansion

40% x 3,710,000 = 1,448,800.

With a 3 years plan of 2 cycles, an investor should be able to cover all capital investments.

With a take-home profit of N2, 261,200 per 6 months.

Please note; the above is not exactly suitable for your location or desire. The proper current market survey should be considered.



Now that you have an idea for Feasibility Study for Catfish Farming in Nigeria, you can download the full version here.

How To Download The Complete Feasibility Study for Catfish In Nigeria PDF and Doc

Above is a part of the catfish farming feasibility study in Nigeria. If you want the complete poultry farming feasibility study, follow the procedures to download it.

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