If you are looking for a Business Plan Writer in Nigeria or a business plan writer in Lagos, Liveandwingit makes provision for business plan writing services to startups and existing businesses. We have the required experience in delivering a comprehensive perspective of your business or idea. One fantastic thing about our business plan writers is the fact that they have an understanding of how unique several businesses are, and this makes them provide distinctive insights and not just any kind of generic business plan. Due to our working experience and extensive services, what we provide is a concrete and top-notch business plan. In addition, we also do the extra work of giving you strategies, ideas, and sometimes possible partners to assist in the growth of your business.

business plan writer in Nigeria


  1. Real Estate Business Plan and template
  2. Fashion Business Plan and template
  3. Automobile Business Plan and template
  4. Agriculture business plan and template
  5. Mining Business Plan and template
  6. Cosmetic and Beauty Business Plan and template
  7. Mining and Construction Business Plan and template
  8. Hospitality, Hotel and Club Business Plan and template
  9. Music and Entertainment Business Plan and template
  10.  Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan and template

The business plan services we provide are custom and tailored to your business requirements. Our business plans are well suited for a partnership/joint venture, business development strategy, for a loan at the bank, or even for just planning purposes. Industries evolve over time, that is why we advise you to review and recreate your business plan as time passes by. Get a business plan writer in Lagos like us if you want a physical meeting for strategic thinking.



  • Definition Of The Problem – Executive Summary
  • Solution and Explanation Of The Business Model
  • Industry & Market-Sizing.
  • Feasibility Study or Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competition and Sustainable Advantage. …
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy.
  • Executive team.
  • Financial Plan
  • Mission Statement

business plan writer in Nigeria

We assure you that irrespective of what you want, we have the ability to meet and go beyond your expectations. Our goal is to make sure our clients are successful and give us their success stories.



  • We focus on business plans that will yield good results in Nigeria, Africa, or worldwide. We are also into the writing of professional business proposals and feasibility studies in Nigeria and in entire Africa.
  • We make it very affordable for business owners in Nigeria to have a professional business plan.
  • Our business plan service is suitable for venture capitalists, grants, leading office spaces, investors, and bank loans in Nigeria or Africa as a whole.
  • Lender ready unique business plans that’ll assist you in accomplishing your targets for being bank ready, including the last gasp proofreading by our business plan consultants. You can also submit our business proposals and feasibility studies to either investors or banks.
  • Easy payment plan: You are only required to make a part payment for us to begin the business plan, then you make the rest payment after the completion of the plan. This is also the payment structure for our business proposal and feasibility study writing service.
  • You get real-time help from professional business experts in the whole process.
  • Ten-Thirty pages, which includes the 20 text pages that are custom generates and tailored to your business and also 3D graphics and spreadsheets to give the business plan a great professional look to any investor or bank.
  • You get unique custom creation of positive, strong special text which highlights the information and particulars of your company.
  • Every important section, which includes in-depth Marketing Analysis, Demographics, Objectives, Financial Plan, Mission Statement, Executive Summary, and every other one. (We help you carry out every demographic and market research based on current data).
  • We deliver the finished business plan to you in any form you would like it to be, either a hard copy, pdf file, CD form, word file, or all of them.
  • We give you a total satisfaction guarantee, and we will do all business plan changes and revisions with no extra charges.
  • 24/7 knowledgeable, friendly, phone customer service to assist you with all questions. Let us assist you in achieving this now!

So what say you?


Do not rely on business plan templates, Get a Business Plan Writer in Nigeria for your business.

As a client of ours, you don’t have to worry about how complex or daunting writing a business plan can get. Our experienced and expert business plan writers are here to help you translate your ideas and business goals in the language and format that appeal to investors, banks, Venture Capitalists and other financial institutions.

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