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Are you looking to download a standard hand sanitizer production business plan in Nigeria?

Download this hand sanitizer production business plan template in Nigeria to secure a loan for NIRSAL, BOA, BOI, grant or make future forecast figures?

Hand sanitizers can be produced in gel, liquid, form or wipes form. They are considered a friendly alternative to handwashing with soap and water.

According to the research conducted by IBIS, hand sanitizer industry in Nigeria a has experienced a spike in revenue and it would keep rising through the years. The increase in self-care and hygiene is the reason for the positive spike in revenue for hand sanitizer industry.

This awareness has led to an increase in health expenses. These realities have only made the hand sanitizer industry very competitive.

Organizations that have existing relationships with distributors usually gain more market grounds than their competitors. For the next 8 years, it has been forecasted that there would be a rise in revenue in the hand sanitizer industry. This is because people are more aware of their health and the need to take a preventative stance.

The industry is a booming one in Nigeria.

The outbreak of the pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made hand sanitizers a part of everyday life. This has further increased the profitability of the industry. However, the high cost of production, marketing and distribution has made the hand sanitizer industry comprise of only the big players. Still, small-scale hand sanitizers’ producers still make profits with no restriction or barriers.

The fact that hand sanitizers have become essential to man has made the market pretty attractive to entrepreneurs. The consistency in the need for it makes it easier to join the market at any time to make profits. The requirement to start up a hand sanitizer business is so low that entrepreneurs do not require any external funding.

Aspiring and new entrepreneurs can join the industry with little or no expertise, as long as they can get the components needed to make a hand sanitizer, profitability will be their end result.

The Hand Sanitizer Production Business Plan will have these chapters:

  1. Executive summary for Hand Sanitizer Business in Nigeria
  2. Business Description
  3. Mission and Vision Statement
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Market Analysis
  6. Our vision statement
  7. Our mission statement
  8. Our business structure
  9.  Our strength
  10. Weakness:
  11. Market analysis
  12. Market trends
  13. Our target market for Hand Sanitizer Business in Nigeria
  14. Our competitive advantage
  15. Sales and marketing strategy
  16. Sales forecast for Hand Sanitizer Business Plan
  17. Payment options
  18.  Feasibility studies for Hand Sanitizer Business in Nigeria
  19. Financial analysis for Hand Sanitizer Business in Nigeria
  20. Sources of startup capital

1.0 Executive Summary
The Adedeji Hand Sanitizer Production Company is located at the West of Nigeria, Ogun State. Licensed to manufacture hand sanitizers, we have leveraged on our relationships to acquire a favourable long-term lease. We are government approved and accessible to others. Our hand sanitizers come in various forms, gel, foam, liquid and wipes. We are customer-centric as much as we are profit-driven. We are not ignorant of competition. This is why we invest greatly in researches – understanding our target market, what they want and how to deliver to them with no hiccup. We worked on our customer service to ensure that we are reachable. We also developed a great distribution chain of wholesalers and retailers in Nigeria. As much as our product stands out on its own, we have also invested greatly in our customer service. We ensure to always exceed our customers’ expectations because they are the reason we are in business.

Owned by The Adedeji family, Mr Kola Adedeji who is a graduate of Bio-Chemistry and also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration is the present CEO of the organization. He has over 12 years of working experience in the hand sanitizer industry before joining the Adedeji Hand Sanitizer Production Company.

2.0 Business Description
Our products are not only distributed in Ogun State Nigeria but in other states within the country. We are profit-driven as much as we are customer-centric.

Hence, our product offerings include:

a. Produce, package and distribute hand sanitizers for wholesalers:

b. Produce, package and distribute hand sanitizers products and dispensers for industrial use

3.0. Our Vision and Mission Statement

  • Our vision is to produce the first choice hand sanitizer for every person in Ogun state and across
  • Our mission is to establish a premium hand sanitizer company that can compete fairly with existing
    leaders in the industry.
  • We aim to build a profitable business that would be one of the first three top-notch businesses in

Our Business Structure:
We have created structures that can help us compete squarely with existing leaders in the industry. Our staff strength will only be filled with customer-centric, smart, diligent and honest individuals who would help in achieving our goal as a company?

To encourage productivity, we would incentivize our senior management with yearly profit sharing that would be squarely measured by performance. In line with our goal, we would hire the following positions:

 Chief Executive Officer
 Plant Manager
 Human Resources and Admin Manager
 Merchandise Manager

 Sales and Marketing Manager
 Machine Operators
 Accountants and Cashiers
 Distribution and Truck Drivers

Job Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer
 Manages all spheres of the business by recruiting, appraising, training, planning, monitoring
 Facilitates business signing and pricing
 Regularly communicate business goals, vision and mission to staff
 Appraises business success from time to time

Plant Manager
 Supervises the running of the plant
 Engages in quality and quantity control
 Strategizes operations
 Manages the supply of raw materials and other necessary work essentials
 Supervises the use of machines and their maintenance
 Ensures safety practices are always practised in the plant

Human Resources and Admin Manager
 In charge of managing staff and administrative activities
 Creates job description for recruitment and interview purposes
 Educates new staff on the organization’s mission, vision and goals
 Carries out training and appraisals for staff
 Ensures the continuous running of activities within the organization

Merchandise Manager
 In charge of the purchase of raw materials
 Takes stocks, plan sales and writes invoices to vendors
 Manages vendors, purchases and development of the organization

Sales and Marketing Manager
 Runs market researches and compiles internal information for customer acquisition and
 Analyses customer information and purchases
 Looks out for opportunities for the business
 Serves as clients’ spokesman
 Record each client’s details and transactions
 Drives sales and company growth

 Manages and provides everything regarding finance and financial reports of the
 Forecasts risk and financial growth
 Manages cash, payrolls and every financial transaction
 Ensures the organization is complying to every financial regulation as stated by the
 Develops financial policies and regulations

Client Service Executive
 Receives guests in person, via emails or phone
 Give clients personalized service always at every encounter
 Manages assigned administrative duties
 Stays abreast of new development within the organization
 Receives mails and parcels on behalf of the organization
 Can be assigned other roles based on management’s discretion

Production Worker/Machine Operators
 Operates machines as well as helps in the packaging and arrangement of products into the
distribution trucks.

Distribution Truck Drivers
 Ensure that truck is equipped with required safety materials always
 Have a record of vehicle inspection, driving activities and work periods
 Works with transport and logistics managers on route management and delivery
 Assists in loading and off-loading of trucks with hand sanitizers

 Take notice of and reports defects, accidents or violations
 Engage in preventative maintenance for truck and comply with truck driving rules


We have done a SWOT analysis in order to navigate how best our resources can win a fair market share in Nigeria. We understand that we have competitors; however, Adedeji Hand Sanitizer Production Company is ready to serve the public.

  • Strength

Our experienced management team gives us a fiat advantage as well as our relationships with leading collaborator production organizations, national distribution teams and our impeccable customer service.

  • Weakness

The fact that we are just starting out and do not have enough funds to spend on publicity like our competitors can be a dent on us.

  • Opportunities

The increase in the use of hand sanitizers daily is an opportunity we are looking to maximize. Despite the presence of an existing market, our research has proven that we can create a niche for ourselves and thrive in it.

  • Threat

We understand that the increase in the use of hand sanitizers is as a result of the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19 and there would be a sharp decline once the pandemic is over. This might require an increase in publicity budget to survive in an already saturated market. Also, a new hand sanitizer might start out.

Latest trends have shown that hand sanitizer’s revenue shot up from 1.5% to 22.4% due to the pandemic. Also, given that the chemicals for production are mostly gotten from China, the cost of production will be unstable and the expected decline in crude oil will affect purchasing power. With institutionalized authority in the industry already (healthcare workers etc), suppliers of hand sanitizers might come on an order of priority. Our marketing strategy has to be cohesive and experiential.

How To Download Hand Sanitizer Business Plan Template PDF and Doc (with advanced financial analysis)

Above is a part of the Hand sanitizer production plan template in Nigerian. In case you need the complete business plan, follow the procedures to download it.

Pay the sum of N8000 (Eight thousand naira only) to the account detail below:
Bank: GTBank
Name: Oyewole Abidemi (I am putting my name and not our company account so you know we are real people and you can trust us)
Ac/No: 0238933625
Type: Saving

Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to +234 701 754 2853The text must contain the title of the business plan you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the hand sanitizer production business plan in Nigeria to your email address where you can easily download it.

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