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Looking for a plantain farming Business plan in Nigeria for your new or existing enterprise?

Download this plantain plantation Business plan sample, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors.



1.0. Executive Summary

Harmony Farms is a commercial plantain plantation located on the outskirt of Ilorin, Kwara State. With the detailed market research and feasibility studies done, we have obtained a well–situated and fitting farmland to start the kind of commercial plantain business we intend.

Our commercial plantain farm is a standard farm that will be involved in commercial plantain cultivation, processing, and packaging through organic and non – organic commercial plantain farming.

At Harmony Farms, Plans have been put in place to help run a standard plantain processing plant within the first five years of the official launch. We will ensure that we flood both the Nigerian market and other countries in the world with our processed and package plantain chips.

To fit into the picture of the 21st-century commercial plantain farm workforce we want to build, we have obtained the required farmland, farming equipment and machines. We have also employed a few staff who are currently undergoing training.

Harmony Farms is well-positioned to become one of the leading commercial plantain brands in Nigeria, which is why we have been able to source the best hands and pieces of machinery to run the farm.

Harmony Farms is owned and managed by Mr Oregbemu Harmony and his immediate family members. The farm cum business will be financed by Mr Oregbemu Harmony and his family. Before setting up Harmony Farms, Mr Oregbemu Harmony has worked with a few leading commercial farms and food processing plants in Nigeria; he has a degree (B.Sc.) in Agriculture Science from the University of Ilorin.


2.0. Our Products and Services

Harmony Farms is a standard commercial farm that is committed to cultivating both organic and non – organic plantain (processed and packaged plantain chips) for both the Nigerian and the global market entirely.

We are in this line of business to make profits, and we will ensure we achieve our business goals and objectives. These are the major areas we will focus on in our commercial plantain farm. If the need emerges we will cultivate related crops;

  • Cultivation of plantains (organic and non – organic)
  • Standard Food Processing Plant (Plantain chips production and packaging)


3.0. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our Vision is to become one of the leading commercial plantain farms and plantain processing and packing brand in Nigeria.
  • Harmony Farms is a world-class commercial plantain farm that cultivates plantains in commercial quantities both organic and non – organic and processed plantain chips for the Nigerian market and the international market.


4.0. Our Business Structure

Harmony Farms is a commercial plantain farm that intends to start small in Ilorin but hopes to grow big to compete favorably with leading commercial plantain farms in the commercial farming industry both in the Nigeria market and the world market. We are aware of the importance of building a solid business structure that can support the kind of world-class business we have in mind.

At Harmony Farms, we will ensure that we hire people that are qualified, hardworking, dedicated, customer-centric, and are ready to work to help build a prosperous business.

Given the above, Harmony Farms have decided to hire qualified and able hands to occupy the following positions;

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • General Farm Manager
  • Administrator/Accountant
  • Crop Cultivation Manager/Supervisor
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Field Employees
  • Front Desk Officer





The fact that we have a sound network with loads of major players in the industry; both suppliers and buyers in Nigeria and all over the world stands as our core strength.

Aside from our relationship with key players in the industry, We have the latest commercial farming machines, tools and plantain processing equipment that will help us cultivate plantain in commercial quantities with less stress. we can confidently boast that we have some of the most experienced hands in town on our payroll.


Our weakness could be that we are a new commercial plantain farm in Nigeria, and perhaps the fact that we decided to diversify our farming activities could count against us initially. based on our projection, we will overcome this weakness with time and turn it into a major advantage for the business.


There are countless opportunities available to us; we know that there are quantities of individuals who consume both organic and non – organic plantains in different forms both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. We will ensure that we maximize the opportunities available to commercial plantain farmers.


Want to get the complete plantain farming Business plan sample, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors.


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