Poultry Business Plan for Broilers and Layers for Nigeria

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Read this free poultry farming business plan in Nigeria pdf, which you can download for either layers or broilers. You can make use of this poultry business plan to get financial loans from several banks and firms. It can also be used to establish your poultry business in Nigeria.

So, if you’re looking for a poultry business plan template, proposal, or sample to use commercially, you need to read this post and download the document instantly.

Free poultry farming business plan in Nigeria pdf

Elediye poultry farm is an agricultural venture that specializes in both meat and egg production, which supplies a vast market range. It also makes a by-product, which is manure. This poultry farm is located in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The owners did notice the health implication of consuming red meat, and that’s why they created this business in order to meet the massive demand for eggs and white meat. Chickens are excellent sources for white meat; they are also widely known for the fact that they produce eggs.

We aren’t only focused on meeting the customers’ demands; we also do have the plan of creating maximum satisfaction for our customers. We would love to also make use of this business in creating employment for people living in its environment, and also help in the progress of this country’s economy.

We want to provide exceptional quality products and efficiently maintain this supply. This is a business that has the plan of distributing chicken, eggs, catfish to hotels, restaurants, clubs, schools, home delivery, supermarkets, and bakery and catering businesses.

Our plan is to also do this at prices that are very affordable. We’ll also sell manure to farmers who are into the production of crops.

With this business plan, we want to articulate the duties and expectations of our poultry farm. We also want to use it in appealing to external stakeholders and investors to get involved in our business and assist us with its funding, because it’s a capital intensive business. We have the hopes of it also serving as a guideline for the employees of the firm to move towards the objectives of this farm organization.

We don’t only provide products; we also provide services. We plan to provide home delivery services to clients who place an order for a particular quantity of products.

The people who will mostly get this offer are the individuals who make use of eggs, fish, or chickens in huge quantities such as bakeries and schools.

In the first operation of this farm, we will make use of 500 chickens. The production area is in Kano, cheap labours, a lot of open space, water availability, road connection, and instant access to markets.

We will get the revenue for this via personal savings, grants, and loans. We will allocate investments in the farm to the purposes that follow:

  • Buying chickens
  • Constructing fish ponds
  • Acquiring land
  • Building cage house
  • Buying fingerlings
  • Hiring the experts
  • Stocking the pellets
  • And many more.

We expect to get 50% of the gross margin within six months since it started operation, withholding the risk of unexpected or accidental incidence; we believe we will get the breakeven point in two years.

We’ve thought of the risks, health, financial, and technology wisely.


The success of Elediye poultry farms will be measured by its being able to achieve the objectives that follow:

  • Being the most hygienic and best poultry producer in the region; complying by the NAFDAC standards.
  • Start to make profits from its initial 6 months of operation.
  • Maintain a fifty per cent gross margin ratio
  • Winning the tastes and hearts of our lovely clients and creating the company’s brand image via solid marketing campaign within its first year.


The mission of Elediye poultry farms is offering clients fresh, vulnerable and quality products. Respecting all workers and giving every individual the chance to have a say in the affairs of the company. Our number one priorities are quality and service. Providing investors opportunities for receiving an excellent ROI (Return on Investment), and growth of high-quality.

We plan on contributing to the environment via social and physical programs. The intention we have towards our farm is to make it have the largest poultry farm produces. We plan on increasing and expanding our production of eggs, fish, chicken, to challenge the continually growing demand for products like these.

The protein-rich and nutritious products our farm produces would constantly be the initial choice of our consumers.


These principles will be followed by Elediye poultry farms to achieve success in the market:

  • Top-notch cage framework which will accommodate a great amount of chicken with the least possible accidents.
  • Optimum inventory level, market chain management, diverse slaughters network, and ‘customer is king’ policy.
  • There will be frequent visits by veterinarians and a hygienic poultry area.

This is a part of the “free poultry farming business plan in Nigeria pdf”. If you want the complete with financials, read below.

How To Download The Complete Poultry Farming Business Plan for Broilers and Layers In Nigeria PDF and Doc

Above is a part of the poultry farming business plan in Nigerian. In case you the complete business plan, follow the procedures to download it.

Pay the sum of N8000 (Eight thousand naira only)  to the account detail below:
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