The Difference between Copywriting and Content Writing

Let’s face it; There is no shame in admitting you don’t know the difference between copywriting and content writing especially since both have a lot to do with writing. Most people walk up to me and ask and I just decided to create a blog post that addresses the confusion

Copywriting versus content writing

Copywriting means writing for the sake of promotional advertising or marketing while content writing is to entertain and entice your audience, so they stay longer on your website and engage with your brand. Copywriting involves content writing in an attractive form so that it grabs the attention of the audience immediately.  But copywriting has a more significant task in marketing – which is selling the real worth of a brand, its products, and services.


What is Content Writing?

Content writing means writing valuable content to be delivered with a specific purpose, like a business, marketing, commercial affairs, etc. Often, content writing is used to attract potential customers and educate them about the product and services of a brand by using blogs, articles, press releases, etc

Below are a few tips for writing good content that helps you in marketing:

  1. Write your content with the correct elements.
  2. The essence of content should be a rich experience.
  3. Say it straight and be clear.
  4. Back up your arguments.
  5. Build trust among the audience with your content and Sound genuine.
  6. If you make statements about your brand, use a clear language. It helps the audience to connect with you immediately. If there is a need to explain, give details. Don’t assume people will understand you automatically.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting means creating compelling and high-valued content that focuses on selling your brand. The objective of copywriting is to sell an idea, unlike content writing where you do not intend to sell but to help the audience understand your brand and generate interest.

Your copy needs to be created for branding purpose .and this has a greater chance of success if it adds to branding. Branding means telling the audience why your brand matters.

Attributes of Copywriting

Good Copywriting has the power to engage your audience.

The following DO’s and DON’Ts will help you write more effectively.

  1. Write attractive headlines.
  2. Use clear and directive words.
  3. Communicate with your audience.
  4. Aim to inspire your audience to take action.
  5. Build up trust in your brand.
  6. Avoid being proud.
  7. Avoid archaism, jargon, slang, clichés, etc.
  8. Use simple words. Do not confuse your audience with difficult or baffling words.
  9. Do not exaggerate. Leave something to your audience’s imagination
The Difference between Copywriting and Content Writing


Can Copywriting and Content Writing co-exist?

Copywriting and content writing work hand in hand. A content writer’s goal is to share information about a topic to an audience. While a copywriter’s goal is to reveal more details about the company’s goods and services with crisp language.

Marketers have realized that customers are becoming a larger part of marketing now. Because of strong and competitive marketing trends, most people have grown apprehensive and cautious of digesting random content on the web. Now, consumers like to do comprehensive research and carefully go through sites, including those of your competitors.

Unless your copy attracts a good number of viewers, content is going to be your big concern, all the time.

How do You Create Good Content?

  1. Your content writing needs to be strong. Keep it in the best framework, so that it ropes in all your business objectives.
  2. Whether you choose content writing or copywriting, your ultimate objective should be to pitch your brand.
  3. Do not compete with the marketplace. Give non-comparative and non-competing content to your audience.
  4. Focus on helping out your audience, rather than direct selling.


Together, content writing and copywriting are equally important. Words are an effective tool when portraying your brand online. Both copywriting and content writing are beneficial for branding and marketing of your business. For this, you need to incorporate copywriting and content writing efficiently and seamlessly.

 If you are using content writing and copywriting to grow your brand, do share your ideas with me.

 I look forward to your comments below.

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