About Us

by Demi

Liveandwingit is a digital marketing outfit offering a wide range of services, including digital branding, whitepaper production, copywriting, Facebook ad targeting, and social media management. We partner with brands, agencies, and start-ups to create engaging content for small and medium-scale businesses.

Our strategies and approaches have been tested and approved by SMEs and the corporate world at large.

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Dr. OYEWOLE ABIDEMI SHAMSUDEEN (SRF-ICRED) is a technical copywriter, software developer and an experienced digital marketing consultant and business development executive with expertise in product management, brand management and content marketing.

Dr. OYEWOLE ABIDEMI remains a marketing savant and functions as the Lead Partner at Liveandwingit Marketing and Copywriting (Nigeria) – a company that offers several business development, content development, market research-related services. He is a man of many parts; a Business Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and an Agro-allied Investor. He is a certified Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Commerce Research and Enterprises Development, Nigeria.’

Having worked as an Independent writer for The Nation, Cryptocoin.news, Fintechna, Didofa, Pulse’s Business Insider and other publications, I can assimilate your brand’s voice and convey your message effortlessly.

He graduated from the University of Ilorin with a B.Sc. in Accounting, bagged a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same University. He holds a Doctorate in Commerce from Liberal Bilingual University (IBLT)

Oyewole also known in the online ecosystem as “Demi Oye” has worked with brands in Africa, Europe and North America, managing a 15+ sales and marketing team to leverage emerging market trends. He is the author of several books and think pieces most notably “The Emotional Intelligence Playbook for Winners.” And “The 6th Sense of Internet Marketing”.

He is a seasoned and dynamic commercial strategist who has spoken and attended seminars, workshops, and conferences locally and internationally.