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Content writing is where your pitching begins. There is no hula hooping past this. Your content must demonstrate expertise, authority, and gravitas. No, do not write it all by yourself, do not let lazy words do you ill. Many technical writer jobs are up for grabs but only a true few know the art.


  • You need a writer that understands the power of business language.

  • You need a copywriter that can turn doubters to believers

  • You need an experienced digital marketer who is armed with the right SEO tools and knows how to get your content shooting through the ranks.

Microsoft says that our attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to less than that’s of a goldfish. Eight seconds! A goldfish’s attention span is nine seconds.

How do you turn 8 seconds of attention into something worthwhile?

That’s my job!

I’m here to help your business succeed in spite of the noise. I’ll be your ally. I’ll create engaging content that your readers will love, use, and share, and ultimately make buying decisions in your favor.

I’ll write using well-researched and relevant statistics, emotionally engaging case studies, and scientifically proven techniques. My writing achieves your most wanted responses consistently.

Have you always felt the need for an excellent technical writer? I know you have. The good news is I can produce premium technical writing which also includes the following categories:

1. User Manuals
2. Product descriptions
3. Tech-related writing
4. Release Notes
5. Requirement Reports
6. Entertainment & Gaming
7. Internet & Technology


Prove your company’s bottom line with good copywriting.

Get the best market reach with great technical copywriting by Liveandwingit. We write for small and medium-scale businesses that need technical writing services, which means we can get you in front of the right people.

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Increase your sales with powerful technical copy.

Copywriting and marketing services from Liveandwingit can help you increase your sales. The team of copywriters at Liveandwingit are experts in crafting compelling stories, industry-specific words, and even technical language for your company.

technical writer


When hiring a technical writer, companies typically look for candidates who possess a combination of technical knowledge and excellent writing skills. Here are some of the key qualities that companies look for when hiring a technical writer:

  1. Technical expertise: Companies seek technical writers who have a solid understanding of the industry or field in which they are writing. They typically look for writers who have relevant technical qualifications or experience.
  2. Writing skills: Companies look for writers who have excellent written communication skills, including the ability to explain complex technical information in a clear and concise manner.
  3. Attention to detail: Technical writing requires a high level of attention to detail, and companies look for writers who are meticulous in their work and can produce accurate and error-free content.
  4. Research skills: Technical writers often need to research and gather information from a variety of sources, so companies look for candidates who are skilled in conducting research and can quickly identify relevant information.
  5. Adaptability: Companies look for technical writers who can adapt to changing requirements and work effectively under pressure.
  6. Project management skills: Technical writers may work on multiple projects simultaneously, so companies look for writers who are skilled in project management and can prioritize tasks effectively.
  7. Collaboration: Technical writing often involves working closely with subject matter experts, editors, and other stakeholders, so companies look for candidates who can collaborate effectively with others.

Overall, companies seek technical writers who have a strong combination of technical knowledge, writing skills, attention to detail, research skills, adaptability, project management skills, and collaboration abilities.

Interested in working with me on your project or website? I can be your technical writer for website content and tech articles.

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