Affordable Solar Power in Nigeria: Your Guide to MTN Lumos

by Demi

Nigeria’s unreliable power grid has led many to seek alternative energy solutions, and solar power is a top choice. While solar systems can be expensive, MTN Lumos offers an innovative solution: a solar inverter system with flexible payment options.


What is the MTN Lumos Solar Inverter System?

  • A “Pay As You Go” solar setup providing essential electricity for lights, device charging, and more.
  • Ideal for powering basic appliances and staying connected.

MTN Lumos Pricing: Flexible for Your Needs

  • One-Time Setup Fee: N28,000 for installation and equipment.
  • Pay As You Go Plans:
    • Daily: N300
    • Weekly: N1,800
    • Monthly: N5,400
    • …and more (up to yearly)
  • Important:
    • Minimum 20-day payment required per month, regardless of usage.
    • MTN Lumos retains ownership of the system under this plan.

One-Time Purchase Option

For those who prefer outright ownership, MTN Lumos offers two systems on Jumia Nigeria:

  • Lumos Eco:
    • 1 x 80W solar panel
    • Basic setup for smaller needs
  • Lumos Prime
    • 2 x 80W solar panels
    • More powerful for greater energy demands

Things to Consider

  • Pay As You Go offers affordability but requires consistent payments.
  • One-time purchase gives you full ownership but has a higher initial cost.
  • Your energy needs will determine the best solution for you.

Is MTN Lumos Right for You?

If you want a reliable and cost-effective way to power essential items in your home or business, MTN Lumos is worth exploring.

Learn More:

Ready to make the switch to solar? Contact MTN Lumos or visit Jumia Nigeria to get started!

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