CV Templates for all Job Fields in Nigeria 2022

by Demi

Looking for CV templates and samples to help you build the best CV for a new job you are applying for? Or maybe you want to change fields/industries and want to start working on your CV

According to recent data, recruiters only read a CV for 6 seconds. This means that you CV needs to be in impeccable shape at a quick glance. How do you pull this off?

It can be a real pain to look for work. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a collection of 2022 MS Word CV templates that you can download for free.

These editable CV templates are appropriate for any job seeker, regardless of their career stage. We have simple CV templates for candidates with minimal experience as well as professional CV templates.

These CV templates are built in such a way that you can adjust them to suit your needs, whether you are seeking for NGO employment in Nigeria.

These CVs and resume samples are made with MS WORD, making it simple to update and build a great CV without needing to know how to use software like Photoshop. Examples of CV templates can be found here:



  1. CV Templates for Administration and Secretariat Jobs
  2. CV Templates for Experienced Administration and secretarial jobs
  3. CV Templates for Graduates and Entry Level administration and secretarial jobs
  4. CV Template for Aviation and Airline Jobs
  5. CV Template for Experienced Aviation and Airline Jobs
  6. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Aviation and Airline Jobs
  7. CV Templates for Banking Jobs
  8. CV Template for Experienced Banking Jobs
  9. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Banking Jobs
  10. CV Template for Building and Construction Jobs
  11. CV Template for Experienced Professional Building and Construction Jobs
  12. CV Template for Graduates Building and Construction Jobs
  13. CV Template for Catering and Confectionary Jobs
  14. CV Template for Experienced Catering and Confectionary Jobs
  15. CV Template for Graduates Catering and Confectionary Jobs
  16. CV Templates for Customer Care Jobs
  17. CV Template for Experienced Customer Service Jobs
  18. CV Template for Graduates Customer Service Jobs
  19. CV Templates for Education and Teaching Jobs
  20. CV Template for Experienced Education and teaching Jobs
  21. CV Template for Graduates Education and Teaching Jobs
  22. CV Template for Engineering and Technical Jobs
  23. CV Template for Experienced Engineering and Technical Jobs
  24. CV Template for Graduates Engineering and Technical Jobs
  25. CV Templates for Human Resources Jobs
  26. CV Template for Experienced Human Resources Jobs
  27. CV Template for Graduates Human Resources Jobs
  28. CV Templates for ICT Jobs
  29. CV Template for Experienced ICT Jobs
  30. CV Template for Graduates ICT Jobs
  31. CV Templates for Insurance Jobs
  32. CV Template for Experienced Insurance Jobs
  33. CV Template for Graduates Insurance Jobs
  34. CV Templates for Law and Legal Jobs
  35. CV Template for Experienced Law and Legal Jobs
  36. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Law and Legal Jobs
  37. CV Template for Logistics Jobs
  38. CV Template for Experienced Logistics Jobs
  39. CV Template for Graduates Logistics Jobs
  40. CV Templates for Manufacturing Jobs
  41. CV Template for Experienced Manufacturing Jobs
  42. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Manufacturing Jobs
  43. CV Templates for Media and Branding Jobs
  44. CV Template for Experienced Media and Branding Jobs
  45. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Media and Branding Jobs
  46. CV Templates for Medical and Health Jobs
  47. CV Template for Experienced Medical and Health Jobs
  48. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Medical and Health Jobs
  49. CV Template for NGOs/NPOs Jobs
  50. CV Template for Experienced NGO/NPO Jobs
  51. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level NGO/NPO Jobs
  52. CV Templates for Oil and Gas Jobs
  53. Template for Experienced Professionals
  54. Template for Graduates and Entry Level Individuals
  55. CV Template for Pharmaceutical Jobs
  56. CV Template for Experienced Pharmaceutical Jobs
  57. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Pharmaceutical Jobs
  58. CV Template for Procurement, Store-Keeping and Supply Chain Jobs
  59. CV Template for Experienced Procurement, Store-Keeping and Supply Chain Jobs
  60. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Procurement, Store-Keeping and Supply Chain Jobs
  61. CV Templates for Project Management Jobs
  62. CV Template for Experienced Project Management Jobs
  63. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Project Management Jobs
  64. CV Templates for Real Estate Jobs
  65. CV Template for Experienced Real Estate Jobs
  66. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Real Estate Jobs
  67. CV Templates for HSE Jobs
  68. CV Template for Experienced HSE Jobs
  69. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level HSE Jobs
  70. CV Templates for Sales and Marketing Jobs
  71. CV Template for Experienced Sales and Marketing Jobs
  72. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Sales and Marketing Jobs
  73. CV Template for Security and Intelligence Jobs
  74. CV Template for Experienced Security and Intelligence Jobs
  75. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Security and Intelligence Jobs
  76. CV Templates for Transportation and Driving Jobs
  77. CV Template for Experienced Transportation and Driving Jobs
  78. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Transportation and Driving Jobs
  79. CV Templates for Travels and Tourism Jobs
  80. CV Template for Experienced Travels and Tourism Jobs
  81. CV Template for Graduates and Entry Level Travels and Tourism Jobs

These CV templates were created using MS Word to make them simple to modify and alter. These CV templates are straightforward, attractive, and simple to use.

You may be confident that your CV will get your job application noticed if you use these CV templates. If you don’t want to use a CV template, there are other options. Then use our professional cv writing services to get a CV that will land you a job.



Based on the look and feel of their CVs, decisions have been made to favor or disfavor particular persons. Your job application would obviously stand out if you had a great CV that was well-tailored and structured (fonts, size, arrangement, and lyrics).


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