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Are you looking for an Uber Taxi feasibility study in Nigeria for a new or existing business?

You may use this Uber feasibility analysis Sample to offer to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors.

Uber Taxi feasibility study

1.0. Executive Summary 

Ade Uber Drivers, Inc. is a licensed taxi e-hailing software app startup that plans to manage Uber drivers. We will be headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, and will also have operations in other major cities around the country. We opted to operate in these areas since our services will be in high demand due to the demographic makeup of the cities.

Our services will include managing professional drivers and an Uber fleet of cars. We are well-trained and equipped with some of the most distinctive taxi cab drivers and cars to serve our clients regardless of their social or financial standing.

Ade Uber Drivers, Inc. is driven by a desire to achieve excellence and financial success via fair services and honesty, which is why we chose to launch our own Uber driver service.

We shall be committed to developing positive business connections with our clients by giving them exceptional value for their money and reasons to continue doing business with us. We recognized that in order to be the greatest in this city. We will continue to give high-quality, dependable services.

Our beliefs and professional ethics will guide us, since our clients’ interests are our top concern. We shall hold ourselves to the highest standards by accurately and totally addressing the demands of our clients.

Larry Sam owns and manages AdeUber Drivers, Inc., a family company. They both graduated from Lagos State University and have all of the necessary skills and knowledge to help Ade Uber Drivers, Inc. compete well in the Taxi e-hailing software app services sector.

2.0. Our Products and Services 

Ade Uber Drivers, Inc. is a typical Uber driver firm that is designed to create profit and competes favorably with the industry’s leading brands. Our service offerings are as follows:

  • Uber partners are hired, trained, and provided with drivers.
  • Managing drivers and car fleets for Uber partners

3.0. Our Mission and Vision Statement 

Our goal is to become the greatest Uber driver company in Ikeja-Lagos, with a strong presence in other major cities around the country.
Our objective as a standard Uber driver company is to build a highly profitable business that delivers dependable drivers and vehicles in our city and to become the model for an ideal taxi e-hailing business in Nigeria.


4.0. Our Organizational Structure

We intend to establish an Uber driver services firm that would set the industry standard in Nigeria. We desire a motivated team that ensures our customers and partners are pleased and get good value for their money.

We will employ more individuals (including full-time and contract workers) than are necessary to run a traditional Uber driver company due to the breadth of our service offerings.

We will hire experts and highly trained individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Executive Vice President
  • Accountant Professional
  • Drivers
  • Customer Care Executive / Front Desk Officer IT
  • Specialist Admin and HR Manager Marketing
  • Sales Executive Accountant
  • Professional Drivers


a. Strength

Our strengths will be the key regions we aim to cover, the business model we intend to use, access to a pool of interested partners, a diverse fleet of highly dependable and comfortable vehicles, highly trained and courteous drivers, and our exceptional customer service culture.

b. Weakness

Our main drawback is that we lack the financial ability and corporate structure to compete with Uber, necessitating our collaboration as an independent partner.

c. Opportunities

Because we are starting in the heart of Ikeja-Lagos, we will have several possibilities to sell our services to a large number of professional drivers, business partners, corporate organizations, travel and tour agencies, hotels, government organizations, homes, and so on.

We have conducted feasibility studies and market surveys, and we know what our potential clients will be searching for when they use our services; we are well-positioned to capitalize on the possibilities that will arise.

d. Threat

Our main danger will be the fact that we are not an independent firm, as well as the introduction of a new Uber services company in the area employing the same business model as us.

6.0. Our Target Audience

With the help of feasibility studies and market surveys, we find clients who would profit from our service as an Uber services company. Our potential clientele are divided into three categories:

  • Investors/partners are interested in investing in Uber by making a fleet of cars accessible for management by a firm such as ours.
  • Professional drivers who wish to work for Uber but do not own a car.
  • Everyone who has the financial means to use taxis or Uber.

7.0. Our competitive advantage

We can confidently state that the strategic locations we intend to cover, the business model we intend to use, access to funds from partners and investors, ease of payment, a wide variety of dependable and luxurious cars, well-trained and polite drivers, and our prolific customer service culture will provide Ade Uber Drivers, Inc. with a competitive advantage.

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How To Download Uber Taxi Feasibility Studies Template PDF and Doc (With financial analysis)

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