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This article comes with a free business plan for Cattle Rearing business.

Cattle farming business involves the rearing of Cattle for the purpose of gaining profits by selling the stock or their finished products which in many cases is beef. It is very lucrative and can be ventured into by anyone with the funds to start up as it is a bit capital intensive determination to make money by hard work and also patience- it’s far from a GRQ (get-rich-quick) scheme, except maybe if you can somehow magically or scientifically speed up the growth of calves. Cattle is plural and general term for bovine species. Female cattle are popularly called Cow while the male is called a bull.


Some full-grown cattle can sell for as high as 150,000-200,00 or more depending on the size of the animal and even the calves when they attain a certain weight can be sold, their meat is called veal and these can be sold for as low as 40,000-100,000 depending on their size, age and weight.

The thing about this business is that the product is consumed by most Nigerians thus making profit is inevitable. Beef (Cattle’s meat) is very popular in Nigeria and around Africa.  That means if you go into this business, you have a lot of customers in the lobby waiting for you.

In the cattle farming business, you have little to worry about when it comes to diseases, these animals are almost immune to every common disease.

While you bother yourself less about diseases, you might be concerned about the nature of the livestock, cattle naturally love moving around, this can be achieved by ranching and paddocking. However, you need to be alert of predators such as snakes and other brutal animals. You also must be careful of fields that have been sprayed with herbicides and other things that are poisonous to them and pose as a life threat.

Cattle farming business is very profitable, asides the meat (beef). There are many other profitable products form the animal that can fetch massive profits.  Milk, hides, faeces and its blood are also products that have a price in the Nigerian market.

The skin (hide) is used to make leather which is a very important part of fashion. The Cattle’s blood can also be used as part of the components of fertilizers and the faeces can also be utilized as manure to grow crops.

Type of Cattle farming

Cattle farming be classified based on their breeds. It has three main categories, which are;

  1. Beef cattle: this breed is for the purpose of meat production 2. Dairy cattle: they are reared for milk production.
  2. Dairy cattle: they are reared for milk production.
  3. Dual-purpose Cattle: They are reared to produce milk and meat

 Economic advantages of Cattle farming in Nigeria

A. They are sources of beef and milk

B. They can be used on the farm as farm power for several purposes including ploughing and harrowing among others

C. Their hide is used for making leather

D. Their blood and bones are used as feed for chickens or other animals.

E. It provides employment.

F. Their faeces is a very good source of fertilizer for plants.

Steps to start Your cattle business

Follow these steps to start a Cattle farming business:

a. Make a plan

Your first step will be to make a good business plan. Deliberate on the number of cattle you want to start with; this usually depends on the capital at hand. Calculate the cost of their feeding, medications and other expenses. You must also know that this business takes patience.

b. Secure a good location

This is very important and must not be overlooked because your ROI depends on how your location. It should be a safe and optimal for the cattle, for your business too in terms of transportation, proximity to the market among other key factors.

It always good you secure a good land that can be conducive enough to accommodate the activities of your cattle. As a result of this, acres of spaces are needed.

c. Get the essential tools ready

The necessary equipment required for the successful rearing of the stock must be duly acquired prior to getting the stock. A fence and a shed should be erected in and around the location as the former keeps out predators and the latter is needed to secure the animals when there is heavy rain or scorching sun.

d. Acquire cattle

Cattle with a good history should be acquired, good history in this sense means cattle that has a history of high productivity, high fertility and reproduction and also high resistance to diseases

e. Employ the services of a vet doctor

A veterinary doctor is needed for the absolute safety of the cattle. The personnel might be in-house full-time or appointed based on a contract. This will help you in any case of emergency.

f. Employees

This is gradual as your business keeps growing over time. No matter how hardworking you are, you cannot do everything so a pair of hands will be needed and these hands will have to be paid too.

g. Marketing your Cattle

Cattle meat is very much in demand so there are really no humongous problems when it comes to marketing your product. There are many meat markets in scattered around all cities, you can supply your beef to them. You can sell directly to butchers. Another option is to sell the cut and well-packed meats to the supermarket and big restaurants. You can milk the cows and people will come for the milk. The possibilities span over a lot of opportunities and don’t seem to end.


Things to watch out for in cattle farming in Nigeria

There are three major stages of rearing when preparing your cattle from a young age for the market:

  1. Breeding to Calving(birth): Breeders are housed in a pen that is specially made for the new-born. The floor of the pen must be well concrete and galvanized roofing sheets. Cattle should attain an age of 24 months before breeding.
  2. Birth of calf to weaning: After the birth of the calf, the mucous around the newborn should be immediately wiped out especially the ones in the nostrils of the animal, so that they can breathe with ease without delay. The calf should be helped in many cases by you so that they can take adequate milk.
  3. Weaning to Finishing: the calves should be placed on a kind of diet of low roughages. There is also a need to restrict movement within the building pending the time they increase in size and weight.


I hope you now know “How to Start a Cattle Rearing Business In Nigeria”. With all these in place, you can start on a small scale. Cows do not necessarily eat processed animal feeds, your cost of production will be low because they will be eating natural nutritious plants in their pasture that grows on their own.

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