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Looking for a resource on how to start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria for your new or existing enterprise?

Watch out for a chicken and chips business plan, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors.

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The chicken and chips delicacy is actually not a local snack, but this has been seen to be most people’s choice when going for a not-too-light snack in eateries when people feel peckish but not too hungry, the chicken and chips is the best resolution as it is quite affordable and will serve just the purpose. Thus it is seen as a popularly requested food in eateries and relaxation centers that have it on their menu.

Also knows as chicken and fries or French fries and chicken, there is really no occasion that best fits the snack because everyone eats it whenever they want. This fact makes the snack really profitable for any entrepreneur willing to foray into the selling of this delicacy.

Asides the demand which is responsible for the profitability, not a lot of eateries have this snack on their menu, and there are only few shops that sell this snack. The competition is very mild in this line of business and I bet this is what makes buttresses the profitability.

Making this snack is not much work, hence stress is not a factor, what more/ the condiments used to prepare this snack can be obtained from the local market.

This article will be dishing out a few guidelines on how to start a chicken and chips business;


a. Determine Costs and Estimate Capital

Determine startup costs, this will be in the budget and will help with the estimation of the business capital.

In starting the business, costs of the materials and equipment that will be needed to get the business running before even thinking of realizing profits till it gets independent is required, also determining whether a chef or extra help to help with the running of things will be necessary and how much they will be paid and also the cost of getting a space to start production, all of these are part of capital estimation. And also secondary things like getting a food truck, determining the cost of these things will help in estimating capital.

A chicken and chips business will need a capital of at least N800,000 determining on the scale of the business, the capital mentioned above will be more than enough for a small-scale business and with shoestring budgets will be okay for a medium scale business. Especially knowing that the prices of these things depend on the demographics of the area where the business will set up base, on inflation, and some other factors.


b. Equipment and Materials

This business doesn’t involve the use of an array of sophisticated equipment, but the scale of the business will determine the size of the equipment as the job has to be done effectively and efficiently irrespective of the scale.

Mandatory equipment needed for this business are;

Deep fryer

Gas cooker


Utensils (Pots, Knives, Trays)

Peelers and Graters


c. Acquiring a Space

The factor that should be considered when renting a space or sitting your business anywhere should be how accessible that place is to customers, hence you should put in mind the demographics of whatever location your business will be sited.


d. Marketing

This definitely will do your folds of good, advertising your snack will get you, customers, within your area and even in locations far from you if you have a delivery plan in place. Important to all businesses, creating awareness of your presence should not be taken with levity. These days’ technology has made it easy to achieve awareness creation, there are different ways and very affordable too, although the affordability differs and this is based on the effectiveness. Digital media (social media, televisions, and radios) and print media (flyers, posters, and billboards) can be used to achieve awareness creation.

This business doesn’t really require a special skill, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how to make the delicacy and possessing entrepreneurial characteristics is enough to get you going in this business.


Now that you know how to start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria, here is a business plan template for your chicken and chips business.


How To Download Chicken and Chips Business Plan Template

Above is a part of the Chicken and chips business plan template in Nigeria. If you want the complete Chicken and chips business plan with the full financial plan, calculations, and more, follow the procedures to download it. 

Pay the sum of N5000 (Five thousand naira only) to the account detail below:
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Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to +234 701 754 2853The text must contain the title of the business plan you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the Chicken and chips business plan template in Nigeria to your email address where you can easily download it.

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