Building a Digital Marketing Strategy in Nigeria (5 Steps)

by Demi

Looking to build a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy in Nigeria?

This piece will help you get started with your digital marketing creation process.

Start with these five steps:

  1. Develop your brand name and image before communicating with your targeted market.

Online businesses fail due to a couple of reasons, and when it comes to building an online marketing strategy, not having brand name and image is one the biggest reason- why would we buy when we don’t know you, we have to trust you!!!

A brand name and image is very important and holds the same importance as the strategy itself.

Building your brand image before reaching out to your target market is advised and somewhat compulsory- an order! This is due to some reasons listed below:

Your brand makes you stand out amongst competitors, so get to choose a name, have a trademark, get a website, a letterhead too would go a mile, and finally, what most people seem to ignore, a business plan!!! You have to get these or almost all before launching a strategy.

Setting up social media accounts and assigning a virtual assistant to launch interesting content on a daily basis is also one way to build an online presence as consistent updates of content is sure to do a great deal of work in attracting followers.

Create or pay someone to help write SEO articles. Articles that contain popular keywords that are related to your product, but also offering tips or advice are a great way to introduce people to your product. They also help increase the visibility of your website as a visible website will show up on the first pages of an Internet search. Prudence is a good characteristic of an entrepreneur but, do not be too frugal on the money you spend on SEO articles, Google has created a way to list top quality articles first. Collect or purchase email lists, marketing companies are sure to have these for sale. Send an initial blast and monthly blasts updating your customers on new products.

Make videos of people using and enjoying your product, how-tos or people vouching for your product. You can launch these videos via your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or other places in order to attract interest to your website. Buy ads on sites that cater to your market. Express your brand image, videos or other product info on banner ads. If you don’t have the skills to craft a well-designed ad, hire a graphic designer to create a good ad.

2. Who is your current customer base?

Are you sure you really have an in-depth understanding of your current customer base?

Before going ahead with your marketing strategy there needs to be a deep understanding of your current customer database.

If possible:

Hold a one on one conversation with some of your current customers will go a long way to clarifying the reason behind their purchases.

Because of all the email marketing and social media tools out there and the help of eCommerce it’s very easy to be deluded as a customer that you are dealing with robots because you can get to the point of no human connection with all the tools out there.

But at the back of all these tools and strategies, as someone who wants to build an online presence, you must understand that there is a need to develop a steady human relationship between your customers, whether online or offline.

Whichever medium you use to communicate with your prospective customers whether email marketing, social media marketing or something else.

They are all very important, but…

It must be done with the understanding that you are trying to build relationships and create an experience for your customers.

3. How are people buying from you currently?

I bet you are dumbstruck when I ask why your customers ran away from you?

No, I guess!

The honest truth is…

You need to discover who your customers are, you then need to understand what they stand for, their values, interests, and how all of these converts into sales for your company. Things you should look out for:

How are people getting in touch and finding out about your services currently, are they relying on one print media, online ads, social media, word of mouth, direct traffic? What questions are they concentrating on and asking regularly? Incorporate these questions into your current online marketing ads and landing pages, sales pitches, and offers. You need to define what prevents a sale from happening at every stage of the marketing cycle and address these issues to enjoy long-term engagement with your customers?

4. Bury Spray and Pray Philosophy

When building a sales funnel keep in mind that you’re building a process around connections. You are talking and selling to people. Like when running an ad, you don’t just dump a lump of money into an ad campaign facilitator like Facebook for example and expect to see results.

Before creating any campaign first you need to know the exact results you are aiming for, ROI is a very deliberate process and not guessing or a game of wishful thinking.

When it comes to results only two are important and those are sales and profit.

All the key performance metrics analytics has to be tied down to how the company is making sales and profit from all these data.

And that is the brilliance of online marketing because everything can be tracked with analytics even down to the tiniest bits.

The right marketing campaign has no other proof to show its viability other than the ROI, not just activity, and to prove your marketing campaign’s ROI, you have to promote the right products to the right customers while increasing profit simultaneously.

5. Get Your Marketing Goals

Setting milestones has helped in covering long distances, this little analogy is applicable also to creating an online presence to funnel sales.

How do you know how effective your marketing is if you don’t know what you want it to achieve?

Set a goal, this will help you know whether you have been underperforming or working against the timeframe you set for your goal to be reached

Your marketing goals are just statements of what you want to achieve with your marketing. To provide the answers to this array of questions and make your marketing goals achievable…

You need to start by identifying your business goals, asking the right questions come in very handy when building a proper marketing strategy

Are you trying to drive sales or leads, or build awareness, your goals will determine what marketing strategies you employ? What is your budget?

Marketing involves a lot of trials and errors and while it’s important to track and analyse every click, it’s also important to note that everything will not start clicking as soon as you set it up.

Your budget will determine how much actionable learning progressions you can engage in. Set appropriate goals and align with the resources (budget) you are willing to use to fuel that online marketing campaign.


That concludes how to create a digital marketing strategy in Nigeria. Make sure you also research on other campaigns of similar brands like yours and come up with ideas that will help in creating a digital marketing plan that will meet your business’s exact needs.


How To Download This Complete Digital Marketing Plan In Nigeria

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