Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria

by Demi

Looking for a solid Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan sample in Nigeria for your personal use or to seek grants, and loans from investors, CBN, NIRSAL, and other institutions?

We have created a downloadable Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan Business template for you to use

Business Description of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria
Industry: Agro-Processing (Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business plan in Nigeria)

1.0. Executive Summary

LifeOil Palm Kernel Oil is amongst the sharks of palm kernel oil extraction companies in Abeokuta, Ogun State that offers its services to a wide range of customers including domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We deal in the extraction of palm kernel oil from crushed palm kernel nuts into a crude or refined and ready to use state depending on the type of client and on what was required of us by our clients. We also deal in the sales of the by-products gotten from the process of extraction and refining of the crude palm kernel oil.

Our aim of establishing this business is to favourably compete with other palm kernel oil extracting companies both in the country. LifeOil Palm Kernel Oil has its crosshairs on consumers in the south-western region of the country and also for exports. Our corporate goals have been narrowed down to a few ones and part of the major ones is to be a brand known for its transparency, quality of products and good work ethics, this is achievable by moulding a sound corporate culture for the company and also recruiting and giving out continuous training to the best and dexterous professionals in the industry

2.0. Business Description
We have procured the best crushing, extraction, and refining processes owing these qualities to our state of the art machinery. We also have processes and structures put together so as to ensure the best standards operating procedure when extracting our palm kernel oil. Our packaging methods will be done painstakingly to ensure hygiene as these all amount to expressing us as the best there is. The demand for domestic and industrial application of palm oil is increasing as it is estimated that in every household 1-2 litre of palm oil is consumed.
As a business, palm oil production and processing offers an opportunity to earn income and also provide employment opportunities for the unemployed part of the population. On a national scale, it also helps to reduce our dependence on other countries to meet our increasing food demand hence improving the food security of the whole nation. Major customers for palm kernel oil products in Nigeria are the makers of margarine, butter, mayonnaise, soaps, waxes, and polish. Other customers include pharmaceutical companies, dairy companies including makers of palm-based cheese, ice cream, filled milk, etc. Palm kernel oil is also a major ingredient in tin plating, lubricants, and biodiesel. Households are definitely major customers of palm kernel oil too as you can see it is a raw material that has a high demand.

3.0. Our Products and Services for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business plan in Nigeria

LifeOil Palm Kernel Oil deals in the extraction of palm kernel oil from palm kernel nuts. We are established to cater largely to commercial and industrial clients via our production plant.
Our products and services are listed below;
• Refined Palm Kernel Oil (PKO)
• Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)
• Palm Kernel cake for animal feed production
• Palm kernel sludge
• Crushed palm kernel shell for bio-fuel

The benefits of our products and services are
• Availability of varieties of goods and products meeting the need for wide range of customers on different scales.
• Provision of quality products.
• Friendly service.
• Fair and lowest possible prices.

4.0. The Objective for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria

• To Increase revenue from the sales of crude palm oil.
• To maintain profit margins at a quartile through close attention to expenses and cost of palm oil production.
• To drive awareness and generate sales through local print and digital media.

5.0. The Goal for the Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria

To be among the top Palm oil extraction plants that also distributes in the south-west of the country.
The Vision for the Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria
Our vision is to be a renowned palm kernel oil producing company who is known across Nigeria and globally as well.

6.0. The Mission for the Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria
Our mission is to ensure that we build a palm kernel oil production company that meets with best practice internationally while also meeting with the demands from our existing and potential customers not only in Ogun State but in Nigeria as well.

7.0. Competitor Analysis for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria
People prefer our products and services because:
• We offer high quality and well-packaged palm oil products.
Our competent Workforce and large machinery.
• Our easy to use, modern website with optimization for visibility by search engines.
• We offer fair and best possible prices and discount offers.

Download this business plan for logistics, transportation, and supply chain companies.

How To Download The Palm Kernel Oil Plan Template PDF (with financial analysis)

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