Cost and steps for shipping from the USA to Nigeria

by Opeoluwa Falodun

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The subject of how to ship from the US to Nigeria is one that is frequently questioned by the thousands of Nigerian businesspeople and individuals who frequently do so.

You’ll learn about the procedures for transporting goods from the United States to Nigeria in this article.
There are a number of strategies you may employ, but which one is best for you will depend on your time constraints and financial constraints.

However, you must go to the websites of these courier services or freight service providers if you want to learn how much it would cost to get items from the USA to Nigeria. For papers or smaller shipments, courier services like DHL, UPS, or FedEx are available. However, you may employ sea freight service providers if you want to transport huge products.

Any reliable air freight service company is also an option, as it is quicker than shipping. So, based on your requirements and tastes, you have an option. It’s crucial that you pay attention to the costs associated with sending your product. You may get in touch with these businesses by using their websites or agents.

There are additional fees that you must pay when your package is shipped to Nigeria. These fees may be included in your shipment fee or you may be required to pay them separately depending on the shipment service provider.

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Steps for shipping from the USA to Nigeria

If you’re buying something online, the steps for shipping from the United States to Nigeria are noted here.

  • Request the US freight Consolidation Service for the freight business of your choice.
  • You will receive a US mailing address to include with your order information.

You can employ any of the cargo companies listed below if your consignment is substantial in number.

Value Handlers International

One of the top freight and cargo forwarding firms in the nation is VHI. Freight forwarding, cargo handling, servicing, international trade representation, procurement advise and assistance, warehousing, logistics, and shipping agency are just a few of the services they offer.

VHI freight has representation for freight services in more than 40 places worldwide.
One thing to keep in mind with VHI is that the travel time depends on the season in which the shipment is being shipped. It normally takes 3 business days, depending on the city in the USA, however this does not account for the time needed for customs clearance. Customs clearance might often take a few weeks. It may take longer if there is an issue with the papers.

Planet Express

Planet Express has connections to American businesses including Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay. To find out your shipping costs, you may also utilize the shipping calculator on the business’ website.

The business provides space in its warehouse so that you may ship your goods there directly for delivery to Nigeria.

USPS Express International

This is an international shipping priority mail service. International shipping typically takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

Priority Mail Express Flat rate is another option that offers flat rates so you don’t have to worry about the weight of your item. The destination nation only dictates the cost.

With USPS, your cargo may also be insured, and there is a reliable tracking service that enables you to follow your box at every step of the way.

The local post normally delivers your cargo from USPS when it gets to Nigeria, however USPS offers consumers a 35–40% postage savings.

FedEx Priority International

FedEx offers a quick and dependable shipping service that includes complete package tracking. The business gives its overseas consumers a shipping cost reduction of between 70% and 75%. Delivery typically takes 3 to 5 business days, but this service cannot be used to transport things weighing more than 68 kg.

But if you don’t mind a slight delay in delivery, the FedEx Economy International service is also more affordable.

DHL Express

DHL is renowned for its quick shipment. Within 2-4 business days, their express service, DHL Express, can deliver packages from the USA to Nigeria.

You may utilize the warehouse address of one of the many courier businesses that are connected to well-known retailers and manufacturers in America when placing an online order, but there are a few steps you need to take beforehand.

A Custom Declaration form must be filled out in its entirety first. The amount and specific method of purchase of each item are included in the requested information. You must complete this form.

Additionally, all overseas clients are required to complete a document called USPS document 1583. The courier firm is given permission to pick up your mail and parcels using this form.

Now that you know the Cost and steps for shipping from the USA to Nigeria, do not fret, go on and ship those items. Good luck.

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