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Tired of getting a lot of Facebook ad bans for skin care products you sell?


The routine is familiar, you create a page, try to run some ads, FB hits your page/ad account/business manager with a distasteful ban. You are left frustrated, annoyed and with tons of products, you need to sell.


In this article, we will be addressing a commonly faced difficulty while putting up a skincare ad. We manage a lot of skincare brands, skin treatment clinics, and cosmetics companies. Rejecting Facebook skincare ads imagery for exposing too much skin has become a regular thing. However, how do you convince your customers that your products and treatments are valid without your ads getting rejected and also decreasing your whole marketing process? when all you do is about skin. Our Facebook ad guide for skincare and cosmetics is what you need.

This article reveals to our skincare and cosmetics readers “how-to prevent Facebook ad bans for skin care products ”




Why is your ad getting rejected?

Initially, any imagery that entails nudity and implied nudity is prohibited by the Community Standards of Facebook. Although you’re not trying to show nudity in your ads, it may be rejected due to things like a close-up of a body part to show how efficient your treatment is. You should be aware that Facebook has some laydown guidelines about the depiction of body parts, skin and personal health products and services which includes: Don’t use images

  • Zoomed in on human body parts, e.g. buttocks, chest, abs, etc.
  • Generating a negative self-perception to promote health-related products.
  • Showing excessive skin or cleavage.
  • Before and after images showing unlikely results.

The problem here is that Facebook is imprecise when it comes to the definition of ‘excessive skin’ or ‘unlikely results’.

We understand how annoying it’s when all you desire to do is display the astonishing results your treatments and products can produce. Although, we disapprove of your continually trying to slip images under the radar of Facebook. A few disapprovals can also lead to flagged or disabled of your ad account, and which you do not want.

So, how should you address your cosmetic treatment and skincare imagery for Facebook ads?

Avoid overly zoomed-in images:

It’s understanding that you want to display how your method or products subdue fine lines and wrinkles, and it can only be seen close up. Unfortunately, you can’t because it’s a no-go area.

Ratherpick a more attractive picture, perhaps a happy customer smiling post-treatment, that catch eye long enough to read your super engaging ad copy as they scroll.

When displaying body parts in ads, the following are considered acceptable by Facebook.

No before and after images

Yes, we understand you want to display the wonderful results you get with your treatments or products to your audience. Yet Facebook wants to shun ads that might make misleading allegations about the type of results people can await from health and beauty treatments.

Alternatively, you can use a testimonial or online review you get from a customer compared with an image of a customer with glowing skin or one of your products in the ad copy to include social proof in your campaign.

Additional ideas for content

Considering other ways that you can communicate your product or service’s value to potential customers will be better if you are willing to avoid the risk of showing skin. We previously cited testimonials and social proof. Also, anything that strengthens the interest of new customers and gives them a reason to prefer your skincare brand or treatment clinic over other brands such as talking about your brand values and ethos. you can also try: Images

  • showing your new customers the lovely environment of your clinic they will enjoy when they visit for treatments.
  • of your crew accompanied by a copy of your values to help personalize your brand.
  • of flat-lays or appealing representation of your products.

With those hints, we believe it will help you bypass those disturbing disapprovals whenever you want to put creativity together for a campaign. To learn more about what sort of imagery to and not use, we suggest you read through the health advertising guidelines by Facebook.


Now that you know how to prevent a Facebook ad ban for skincare products. Let’s get to these brass tacks.


Conversely, if you need to work with a team that already knows the pros and cons of Facebook advertising for skincare and cosmetic treatments, you can contact us!


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