The cost of constructing a duplex in Nigeria

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Duplex home construction is by no means simple. It is also thought to be substantially more expensive and, depending on the amount of rooms, more technical, in addition to requiring more planning and preparation than the majority of other types of residences. Given that more individuals are turning to building duplexes in Nigeria nowadays, it is important to look at the fundamental requirements, such as how much it costs to construct a suitable duplex.

This article will provide a thorough examination of the projected cost necessary to build a duplex. We will also take into account a few things to remember that might have an impact on the budget and final cost.


Cost of Building a 3-Bedroom Duplex in Nigeria

  • Substructures == N2,700,000 – N5,200,000
  • Frames == N1,500,000 – N2,800,000
  • Upper floor == N1,600,000 – N3,170,000
  • Internal and external walls == N2,300,000 – N4,250,000
  • Roofing == N1,750,000 to N3,750,000
  • Staircase == N350,000 – N480,000
  • Doors == N 1,650,000 – N2,970,000
  • Windows == N2,100,000 – N3,950,000
  • Wall finishes == N2,150,000 – N4,250,000
  • Floor finishes == N1,750,000 – N3,400,000
  • Ceiling finishes == N480,000 – N950,000
  • Plumbing installations == N1,450,000 – N2,750,000
  • Electrical installations == N1,700,000 – N3,050,000
  • Fittings & fixtures == N1,020,000 – N1,530,000
  • TOTAL: N22,500,000 – N42,500,000

Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Duplex in Nigeria

  • Substructures == N3,800,000 – N6,800,000
  • Frames == N2,000,000 – N4,100,000
  • Upper floor == N2,150,000 – N4,250,000
  • Internal and external walls == N2,850,000 – N5,500,000
  • Roofing == N2,490,000 to N4,800,000
  • Staircase == N380,000 – N600,000
  • Doors == N 2,020,000 – N3,900,000
  • Windows == N2,900,000 – N5,700,000
  • Wall finishes == N3,000,000 – N5,500,000
  • Floor finishes == N3,350,000 – N4,500,000
  • Ceiling finishes == N700,000 – N1,200,000
  • Plumbing installations == N2,300,000 – N4,500,000
  • Electrical installations == N1,845,000 – N3,750,000
  • Fittings & fixtures == N1,215,000 – N2,400,000
  • TOTAL: N30,000,000 – N57,500,000

Cost of Building a 5-Bedroom Duplex in Nigeria

  • Substructures == N5,000,000 – N8,775,000
  • Frames == N2,900,000 – N4,995,000
  • Upper floor == N3,150,000 – N5,200,000
  • Internal and external walls == N4,300,000 – N7,020,000
  • Roofing == N3,800,000 to N6,010,000
  • Staircase == N620,000 – N800,000
  • Doors == N 2,950,000 – N5,190,000
  • Windows == N4,500,000 – N7,020,000
  • Wall finishes == N4,300,000 – N7,020,000
  • Floor finishes == N3,375,000 – N5,660,000
  • Ceiling finishes == N945,000 – N1,485,000
  • Plumbing installations == N3,200,000 – N5,602,500
  • Electrical installations == N3,600,000 – N4,320,000
  • Fittings & fixtures == N1,860,000 – N2,902,500
  • TOTAL: N44,500,000 – N72,000,000

Definition of a Duplex House in Nigeria

A fast internet search for “duplex house” will probably leave you perplexed because the term has varied connotations in different regions of the world. The term “duplex house” in Nigeria, however, refers to a two-story residential structure. The term “duplex house” is incorrectly used in Nigeria since it is really referred to as a “detached house.”
In a conventional duplex home, the main living room is located on the ground level together with the kitchen and dining room. The master bedroom and other private rooms are often found on the top story. A staircase links the floors together.

Single families live in duplexes in Nigeria. This is very unlike to the situation in Western nations, where duplex flats may accommodate two families with each level acting as a distinct household.


Pros and Cons of Building a Duplex in Nigeria

Duplex House Pros

More space within: Greater internal space is possible in a duplex house since the different rooms are spread out over two storeys. This explains why the living area, which occupies a significant portion of the ground level, may be as big as you’d like. Large rooms and a roomy kitchen are also possible in the property.

Larger compound: The duplex’s two levels are piled one on top of the other, freeing up a large portion of the surrounding area. This is significantly unlike from bungalows, where every component of the structure remains on the ground, using more ground area. Due to the reduced overall area that has to be roofed, this benefit of a duplex home also explains why roofing costs are often lower.

Class: Building duplexes is a common practice in Nigeria just to demonstrate class. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the majority of the wealthy and well-known people in the nation reside in duplexes. A duplex is more noticeable than a bungalow, and its entire beauty may be appreciated from a distance.

Good view: The balconies on the upper levels of most duplex homes make it simple to see the surroundings. A duplex home’s balcony provides a clear view of both inside and beyond the building’s boundaries.

Security: Due to the fact that all of a bungalow’s windows are accessible from the ground, a duplex is somewhat more secure than a bungalow. Because of this, breaking into a bungalow is made simpler for crooks in general. But with a duplex, things would be a little more difficult since it is difficult for burglars to get to the top-floor windows, and they may easily be seen from the bedrooms while trying to break in.

Duplex House Cons

More costly: Constructing a duplex home is more expensive than doing so for a bungalow. This is because the stairs, pillars, and beams, in addition to the decking, require substantial amounts of concrete and steel reinforcement.

Comes with some inconvenience: Moving back and forth often between the top and bottom floors is less convenient than keeping all of your moves inside a single floor. While this can eventually get adjusted to, it becomes increasingly concerning as the occupants age or get sick.

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