The Marketing Forces Behind Aviation and Big Airlines’ Transformation

by Demi

The discussion around Digital marketing for aviation is a stronghold these days.

Outside Big players such as Netflix and Amazon have been successful so far majorly due to the fact that they are able to understand their customer’s needs. Giving more priority to the needs and preference of their customers has earned them a place globally.

Many other business industries have adopted this customer experience method to offer personalized contents to their customers.

On the other hand, most airlines place their focus on just the needs of travellers rather than understanding their customers intimately.

In recent times, there has been an increased competition amongst airline brands which has provided customers with several airline options to choose from.

In order to stay ahead of their competitors, airline brands have devised new ways of marketing their products by first understanding what a traveller truly values whenever they book a flight.

digital marketing for aviation




Price Vs. Service Vs. Convenience  

Amadeus suggested that airlines should make use of Price vs. Service vs. Convenience model to better understand what individual travellers’ value.  This suggestion was given in his report, “Embracing Airline Digital Transformation: a spotlight on what traveller’s value.” The report concept is that for airline travellers, the value is the condition where they get to feel the balance between service, product, and convenience is achieved.  The value is not the same for every traveller that is being served. The need of a business traveller will surely differ from what a backpacker or family is looking out for. Airlines have to understand that it is important to communicate the right product offer having your potential customer in mind. In their search for airlines for their trip, they will choose the one that can suit their needs.

Communicating The True Value Of Their Offer

Airlines have to properly communicate what makes them unique from their competitors in terms of services, products or convenience or else when a traveller searches online for a flight, their decision will be based on just the variables (flight schedule and price) that they are able to see during their online search. This would definitely be a wasted chance to pitch to your customer what they want and engage them with your airline distinctive offering.

The use of digital marketing for aviation has been embraced by airlines. They make use of their website as a gateway between their brand and their customers. It is very essential for airlines to be able to understand their prospective customer’s complete online personality because this will enable them to communicate the best deal for the traveller. This can be achieved through the use of digital marketing to effectively market products to potential travellers.

There are several online tools such as Fliggy that can be used to help airlines to see through what their prospective customers are searching for and thus helping them to send relevant contents to these individuals. For instance, a customer that have been buying beach wears of recent, airlines can share them options for beach holidays which is relevant to their industry. The application of social media marketing in aviation can also be used to better understand and communicate with customers. The use of these tools will surely help airlines to effectively market their products and in the end, will create an important relationship with their customer.

Speaking The Language Of Passengers

Nowadays, a lot of consumers have gotten used to getting instant information (online). In the airline sector, customers are not being frequently informed of the happenings in the industry like they are used to. Moving with the trend by using instant communication as the passengers are already used to will enable airlines to keep staying in touch with their passengers. In the future, there is hope to effectively use social media marketing in aviation. This can be achieved through the use of Facebook and Instagram Ads, WhatsApp, and YouTube. These online platforms can also appeal to the younger consumers.

The AI Agent

Digital marketing for aviation along with proper communications can be of great help to travellers, providing customer service means, where travellers get to interact with a travel agent. There are few consumers that are not so familiar or comfortable with making online air travel booking. The trained agents will put them through and also proffer interesting offers that could appeal to them. These agents have the ability to study their customers and immediately understand their needs.


When airlines are able to understand the values of their customers and communicate these offers in a personalized way, they will be able to help them discover a world of positioned travel experiences that they may not have thought of. Therefore, their unique offers will give them an edge over their competitors.

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