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Women are the future of the world. That’s a given.

But does that future hold anything for women in blockchain?

Coinbase Inc. declared that 46 percent of its new employees this year are females.

The funds for the two largest ICOs come from women. Many women now hold key roles in the blockchain frontiers.

Some are the developers, some are investors and others are business leaders.

At IBM, female leaders are currently responsible for products, research, business development, and services. This idea is an advantage to the whole world. These stats all points to one thing; women are powering the blockchain.

It is the quickest solution to gender inequality!

Blockchain facilitates transactions without depending on an intermediary. With blockchain, various users can view and use the same document concurrently. The opening of the blockchain domain to women has created many opportunities. These opportunities are available for women; in the areas affected by gender inequality. The United Nations women have begun to see this as a way to help women in areas of crises.

In locations (countries or states) with humanitarian crises, women are 28 percent less likely than men to have a personal bank account. The blockchain distribution provides financial security for the women in these areas. It is a secure place to keep humanitarian cash transfers. This is useful for coping with shocks.

Amongst the early investors in blockchain ventures are several women of influence. Some have also added to the community as programmers.

UN women have started working with Innovation Norway. Their plan is to use this technology to support women and girls. The development of the technology is in the stage of infancy. The rate at which they make progress will build a generation of empowered women. This will so reduce the chances of abuse; if we do not leave only the bitcoin bros to enjoy the benefits of the blockchain age.

SPENN is a useful technology for UN refugee camps in East Africa. All these solutions will give affected women more autonomy and financial freedom. This indirectly solves the problem of gender inequality and abuse.

It is helpful to accept this change. This is because the participation of women will lead blockchain to a place of influence. It will also lead them to a place of mainstream adoption.

The basic theory of blockchain is a function of democratic access. It is also associated with openness and transparency. It is a widespread ledger that presents data in a trustworthy and unbiased way. Employing these principles makes offers cheap and transactions cheaper. It also brings in individuals who are at its margin.

Elizabeth McCauley, a board member of the bitcoin foundation (amongst other women), has advocated for an extension of the virtual currency’s reach and impact to the groups at the margin. Many other women empowerment groups concerns themselves with issues in food safety. Several advocates for ethical and fair trade exist too.

Since there are no ranks, there is leveling effect. This gives a greater advantage for its acceptance across all races and genders. Women will thus step up as technology builders and users.

By 2030, statistics reveal that blockchain will give a money-spinning value.

This gain will be worth $3.1 trillion.

It is safer we ensure a distribution of these resources amongst a broad group of people. This implies that it is important to bring in people at the margins.

Across the globe, 42% of women do not have bank accounts. This is an easy way out. It would be a skewed distribution if the sharing of these gains is amongst the bitcoin bros.

To wrap it up

The blockchain industry is still relatively salient.

Things are still shaping up but one thing is evident; Women in blockchain are doing great things.

The inherent will of a woman to do good runs to a deeper level.  It is true that women bring solutions to technology puzzles, privacy, and performance. But, it is the will to influence the world positively that helps them leave a positive impact on technology. In optimism, the crafting of this innovation by women is for a worldwide advancement.


Written by Demi Oye

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