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6 Social Media Tools to Help your Startup Grow

An existing brand needs to maintain a great connection with their current and potential customers, how much a startup.

The relief here is to know that it is possible for the online presence of a startup to grow with the brand with a radical social media marketing approach.

“After strategizing and creating a presence on every social media network, what’s next?” You ask.

This question brings us to the basic fact that “a social marketing strategy is not complete without social listening”.

Social listening is the act of keeping track of happenings on various social media platforms; such as the mentioning of your products, your brand, competitors, or even ideas that are useful or highly relevant to your business.

So how do startups deal with the need to connect online, yet know what people have to say about them?

How do startups reveal more about their products without engaging in product comparison contests?

Again, social listening is inevitable here. This fact exists because to connect; you need foreknowledge of the conversations relevant to you.

Without a doubt, social listening indirectly affects growth.

With the increased use of social media (which is more of an influx), social listening has to be done in a more calculated way. The fact that people use the social media for leisure to the extent of voicing their opinion on a brand without even knowing makes the process harder for startups. Since people depend on other people’s opinions and reviews, there’s usually a ripple effect.

So how can brands (and even small brands) harness this gold mine called “social interaction” without breaking their bank accounts?

Have no worries; we’ve got you!


6 Social Media Tools that are highly useful for Startups

Here are six of them in no particular order:

1. Keyhole

If you especially make use of influencer marketing, get in here! With keyhole, it is easy to monitor Twitter and Instagram. With Keyhole, attaching specific accounts which you need to watch exclusively is possible. Tracking what’s being said about your brand on these networks is also possible with Keyhole. “Heat maps” is a nice feature on keyhole that brings activity levels all through the globe to your doorstep.

2. Google Alerts

Each time you enter a keyword related to your brand here, you get all relevant mentions. It is also possible to get results for specific languages and regions with the right settings. It is relieving to know that the tool is free and setting up to 1,000 terms is possible. This tool sends mail notifications for every mention as well.

3. HootSuite Pro

Hootsuite Pro is the perfect tool for the gifted social media manager. Right in the dashboard of this tool,  you will find interesting features like “social listening capabilities”, monitor regions, hashtags, keywords, and any talk about your brand at all with this tool. This tool is free to use, but to unlock all features; you have to pay a token.

4. BuzzSumo

This tool is startup friendly as it is inexpensive. It also has plans for every business size. The price list starts from $79 per month for up to 5,000 mentions. For this reason, it is easier to set up alerts for mentions of your competitors and not just your brand name. Buzzsumo helps startups improve both their content marketing content and social media content.

5. Mention

Apart from the fantastic offer of 3,000 mentions for as low as $29, the higher you go, the more you get to use better features. Unlock tools like sentimental analysis and report automation while using this app.  It is highly cost-effective.

6. Nuvi

If you think your business needs are beyond the tools discussed so far, you need to see this one. Nuvi is a sophisticated tool used for data visualization. Capture negative comments about your brand and see how your brand is generally perceived by using this tool. Nuvi helps you discover these things very fast too; especially before it becomes a case too tough.

To Wrap It Up

Yes, marketing on every front is a handful.

It can get overwhelming and worse as other marketing channels such as email marketing shouldn’t be left out.

However, social media remains a goldmine for startups, especially.

Using these tools help you gather fantastic information. However, it is left to startups to strategize and act based on the data collected. Better still, employ an expert social media manager with a wealth of experience and an arsenal of resources to help your startup scale through the social media maze.




Written by Demi Oye.

Connect with Demi on LinkedIn here

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