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Looking for a business plan sample for entrepreneurship for a new venture or an existing business in Nigeria or anywhere?

Do you think you have a nice business idea? Well, you have to do your research and write a plan, that way you will get to know and be assured of the feasibility of your plan.

A standard business plan consists of a single document divided into several sections including

  • Executive Summary
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Management Plan
  • Operation Plan
  • Financial Plan

The document will be a blueprint for your business and can be presented to financial institutions or investors to secure loans to get your business off the ground.

Merits of a Business Plan Template for Entrepreneurs

A template will help you organize your thoughts and will prevent you from being all over the place when coming up with your plan. It acts as a guideline and helps you start, guides you through, and brings you to the last full stop when writing your plan as it shows you the general layout of a standard business plan so you know what goes where and that you’re not leaving out anything.

Do I Need a Simple or Detailed Plan?

A corporate business plan for a large organization can be hundreds of pages long. However, for a small business, it’s best to keep the plan short and concise, especially if you intend to submit it to bankers or investors. A 30-page plan is decent for a large organization.


Below is a list of Business Plans for several businesses for most entrepreneurs :


  1. Maize Flour Processing Business Plan download
  2. Cattle Rearing Full Business Plan Download
  3. Poultry (Layers or Broilers) Full Business Plan Download
  4. Cat Fish Farming Full Business Plan Download
  5. Groundnut (Peanut) Farming Full Business Plan Download
  6. Ginger Planting Full Business Plan Download
  7. Potato Chips Production Full Business Plan Download
  8. Groundnut Oil Processing Full Business Plan Download
  9. Rice Cultivation Full Business Plan Download
  10. Grains and Cereals Wholesale Full Business Plan Download
  11. Cassava Farming Full Business Plan Download
  12. Yam Farming Full Business Plan Download
  13. Shea Butter Processing Full Business Plan Download
  14. Furniture Wood Work Full Business Plan Download for Loan
  15. Download Full Bakery Business Plan
  16. Cassava Production and Processing Full Business Plan Download
  17. Pure/Sachet/Table Water Full Business Plan Download




1.0. Executive Summary

This appears at the beginning of the plan, but in reality, it should be written last. The executive summary allows the reader key into the overview of your business, it is short and concise enough to capture the readers’ mind and make them want to keep reading as it will have a summary of what to expect in the coming sections, should not be more than two pages long.

The executive summary goes near the beginning of the plan but is written last. It provides a short, concise, and optimistic overview of your business that captures the reader’s attention and creates a need to learn more. The executive summary should be no more than two pages long, with brief summaries of other sections of the plan. In this section you should;

  • Describe your mission
  • Introduce your company and the management and ownership.
  • Describe your product and services

2.0. Business/Industry Overview

This section requires you to elaborate a bit continuing what you started in the first section, this time you should give an overview of the industry to show you have an understanding of the industry.

  • Describe the overall nature of the industry
  • Describe your business and how it is a part of the industry.

3.0.Market Analysis and Competition

You are given the liberty to show that the market which you intend to target has been analyzed thoroughly and that there is a sizeable demand for your product as this determines the viability of your business.

  • Define the target market for your product or service
  • Describe the need for your products or services
  • Describe the advantage you have over your competition
  • Describe any helpful barriers to entry that may protect your business from the competition

4.0. Sales and Marketing Plan

The strategies you have prepared on how to rally customers to your site and have them pay for your product or the services you are offering. This should include your;

  • Advertising Campaign and Promotions
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales and Distributions

5.0. Management Plan

The structure of the company is elucidated in this section, the legal structure, the management structure, and the hiring requirements of the business. You should;

  • Describe the legal structure of your business
  • Describe the management team and their roles and responsibilities

6.0. Operating Plan

This encompasses the fixed and physical requirements of the business, offices warehouses, equipment, supplies, labor, and all other factors that are incorporated into the running of the business is elaborated in this section.

7.0. Financial Plan

This section is the most important section of business plans. If you need loans and financing or want to attract investors. This section has to make it clear that your business will grow and yield profits. To do this, you will need to create forecasts of;

  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Break-even analysis

A good rule is to keep revenues on the low and expenses on the high.


How To Download Business Plan Sample for Entrepreneurship

If you want the complete business plan sample for entrepreneurship with the full financial plan, calculations, and more, follow the procedures to download it. 

Pay the sum of N5000 (Five thousand naira only) to the account detail below:
Bank: GTBank
Name: Oyewole Abidemi (I am putting my name and not our company account so you know we are real people and you can trust us)
Ac/No: 0238933625
Type: Saving

Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to +234 701 754 2853The text must contain the title of the business plan you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the business plan sample for entrepreneurship in Nigeria to your email address where you can easily download it.

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