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No one could have predicted the drastic turn 2020 was going to take. We began the year like any other year, hopeful, optimistic, and excited about how the year unfolds. Then the whirlwind that is Covid-19 struck and life as we knew it was drastically changed and we were forced to adapt to new modes of living. Here is some lifestyle changed we have been forced to make:


A large majority of us, pre-covid, hugged and kissed our friends and family, shook hands, held hands with our loved ones, and showed affection by physically touching one and another. Now, we are advised to remain 6 feet apart and avoid all physical contact unless necessary and it has not been easy. The world misses the normality, the comfort one gets from a hug or simply by just holding hands. We all long for things to return to normal as we knew it and a world where we can be in close proximity to our loved ones without the fear of transmitting on contracting the virus.


9-5s were the norms, the order of the day for 90% of the population, and working remotely was seen as a privilege only a few got to enjoy. Now, 90% of businesses and companies have resulted in working remotely and the world has learned just how connected we can be without being in the same space and how efficient working remotely can be. People have worked out new, efficient ways to still get the job done from the comfort of their homes. Also, day to day costs have been reduced and the time spent commuting to work daily has been drastically cut down. This has been a positive change for most people and they are not looking forward to going back to their 9-5 day to day lives after experiencing how convenient and comfortable working remotely is.


Wearing a mask has now been incorporated into our everyday lives as it is the responsible and safe thing to do to reduce the rate of transmission of the virus. In some countries, people found without wearing a mask are fined or imprisoned and other countries are not as strict. Not being able to recognize and identify people on the streets or just out in public has certainly been a big change we have had to adapt as everyone now has a mask on. This pandemic has also shown how irresponsible people can be because some still refuse to wear masks and do not believe it helps reduce transmission.


Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses have had to close down due to Covid-19, unemployment rates are through the roof, the stocks have plummeted and people are in debt and are panicking. It is going to take a long while, no one can say for certain how long exactly, for the economy to recover post-covid.


We have been advised not to travel unless necessary. International travels were banned for a while but currently, the restrictions are not as strict. It has been difficult for a large majority of people not to travel, especially during the holidays. People have been forced to stay away from their loved ones, go months on end without seeing them and also spend the holidays without them. We are all looking forward to being travel able to go on trips and visit loved ones.

2021 has come bearing the gift of the vaccine, we are all hopeful once more and looking forward to returning to life as we knew it pre-covid. With proper social distancing measures, hygiene, masks, and now the vaccines, we all hope it will be in the not so distant future.


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